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Not sure how I feel!

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Cheaptrick Thu 25-Aug-11 13:39:01

I have Depression and i'm on meds but i'm pg so very moody.

Yeasterday i had a bad day and at night when in bed watching dvd with 2 yo son to get him to sleep i couldn't help it but i started crying and i couldn't stop.

My son stroked me, then kissed me, then pretended to go to sleep so i would stop crying. I told him it wasn't him that mummy was just sad. Mt DH can up and huged me and held my hand. Then my son told me it wasn't thundering so no need to cry sad then went and got me the toilet roll from the bathroom. Then he tuted and said "Oh mum" and then went back to watching the dvd.

I feel bad for letting my son see me cry but i'm proud of him the way he tried to make me feel better and went and put the light on in the bathroom and get the toilet roll for me. I find it hard to explain to him what is going on and i dont know how to handle it sad

I dont know what i'm looking for but i just wanted to tell some one. I know i'm ill and i cant help it but i dont want to hurt my son either sad I think i'm beating myself up over it.

Canistaysane Thu 25-Aug-11 16:37:53

Don't know what to say really. I'm feeling fed up today too. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.

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