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Feeling pretty fed up tonight

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Canistaysane Mon 22-Aug-11 21:56:19

I tried a thread on chat but not having much luck lately. It's just I feel fed up and tired. I've Had enough of school summer holidays although I do love my dc. They are being very noisy and energetic lately. sometimes they hurt each other though not badly. They are 2yrs and 7yrs. I also have a difficult relationship with my mums boyfriend although I'm trying to avoid him a the moment as he does my head in. He is a moody sod and he likes to try and control people. He will be like your best friend one minute and then he gets a mood on about something and falls out with you, then a week later he acts like nothing happened and tries to be all friendly again. and just to top it off I have got a blocked ear so can't hear properly.

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