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Anyone cured themselves of spider phobia?

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Bumperlicious Fri 12-Aug-11 10:09:06

I've been debating whether or to enrol on one of these spider CBT programmes that they do at London or Bristol Zoo but I don't really have the money.

Yesterday there was a guy at my local shopping centre doing a thing with rescued tropical animals. He had a tarantula and I held it for about 5 seconds. That was actually ok. In fact, in line with the irrationality of phobias, it's not the tarantulas that bother me, especially as I am unlikely ever to come across one at home. It's the horrible house spiders that I hate.

Anyone cured themselves of this by just asking someone to stick one on your hand? Has it worked or is it too risky and better to try a CBT/densensitisation programme? I'm sick of being afraid of spiders now.

madmouse Fri 12-Aug-11 12:45:44

I used to be very afraid of spiders - DH and me both actually. Whoever was feeling the bravest used to get the hoover out to kill the poor things.

Then I bought a spider catcher from Lakeland and started using it as I felt guilty about killing what i know to be useful animals for no other reason than my fear. At first it was eek that's too close. Then I started looking at them through the plastic tube before releasing them outside and got interested in how they looked and moved.

I still wouldn't touch them readily, but I now catch big hairy buggers with a glass and some paper or if I think that DH will not come across them, let them run around through my house without catching them. I usually catch them to stop him going aaaaargh grin

ITryToBeZenBut Sat 13-Aug-11 17:54:34

I did one of those courses at Ediburgh zoo about 15 years ago before I went to uni. I was really terrfied of spiders and was very worried about what I'd do if there was one in my room in halls at night as I'd get up and wake up my dad whilst still at school. This proves how scared I was - he wsn't very happy about it. My parents went on hols to france for 2 weeks when I was 17. On the first day I saw a spider in the living room and didn't go back in for the whole 2 weeks. I just couldn't be in the same room as one and was a long way from spider-catchers etc.

It really helped me. I can't say I like spiders and the domestic ones are the worst but I am now able to bring myself to deal with them with a spider catcher or hoover or trap them til help is available or even use heavy shoes if I'm feeling brave (sorry - I know it's cruel to kill them but at least some get to live these days...).

can't recommend it enough. You do end with the tarantula thing and I know that's not the same as a house spider but somehow the level of my general fear was reduced after the day.

Go for it!

BeckyBendyLegs Sat 13-Aug-11 18:25:52

I am having CBT for a phobia of balloons - and it's working, although it's not instant but it is definitely working (to the extent that I went to Waterstones the other day and didn't even notice that there were balloons in the shop until we'd been there for about half an hour)! I love spiders by the way, house ones and big hairy tropical ones which actually feel quite furry. But if you'd put me in a room of balloons two months ago I would have freaked, felt anxious, sick, panicky, sweated, ran out as fast as I could. Now, I can be around balloons at least, just feeling a bit nervous.

midnightservant Sat 13-Aug-11 23:20:34

NLP Fast Phobia cure works in many cases, and it is fast - one session is likely all you would need.

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