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Anyone else depressed at an early menopause

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crazedupmom Tue 09-Aug-11 13:40:42

I was not sure where to post this but 4 years down the line and I am still depressed at not been able to have any more dc's I have just one aged 10 and I feel his life could have been alot better with a sibling and mine also.
I was diagnosed at the age of 36 whilst ttc and I can,t get over it.
What is making things worse is the amount of baby bumps I am seeing all of the time and families that I see with more than one dc enjoying their time together.
My ds has nobody to interact with and its killing me and even though he seems generally okay I still can,t make peace with having one child.
I also keep blaming myself at not trying sooner for a second dc.
I worry for ds when he is older with no siblings as well as now.
The early menopasue as made me feel old and depressed.
If I also hear about another pregnancy in the family I will crack up completely I can,t face it.
I am on antidepressents, have seen a counselling but I can,t seem to drag myself out of all the nagative thinking.
Is there anybody on here who has gone through the same thing.
Adoption is out of the question and any fertility treatment also.

scarecrow22 Wed 10-Aug-11 22:08:56

I haven't the same precise issue, but having struggled a very long time with what I thought was an insoluble cocktail of concerns, the right medication and the right counselling finally helped.
Is your treatment managed by your GP? If so ask for an appointment with a consultant in your local mental health centre and explore ways you could try a different form of counselling, or possibly a different med. It sounds like you would be a good candidate for cognitive behavioural therapy type counselling, or do you already do that? I used three psychiatrists before I found one who really helped.
Kick some *, and good luck

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