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Ive done something silly I think

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CatFlaps Mon 08-Aug-11 23:31:26

I have been on 20mg of Cipralex for 8 months but I decided to go cold turkey, which I did for 12 days and tbh I felt okay, no side affects. But then I started to feel depressed again so 5 days ago I started taking them again. For the past few days I have been so so dizzy and feeling really tired and generally feel pooped! Do you think this is because I started again taking the full 20mg, which is the highest dose of Cipralex? Im not sure whether I should continue or just cut it down to 10mg. Thanks smile

madmouse Tue 09-Aug-11 09:25:39

Please go and see your GP and tell them what you have done so you can get some decent advice over where to go from here.

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