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I would give anything to run away

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Empusa Sat 30-Jul-11 00:07:22

DH's depression and anxiety are bad at the moment, our dog has gone from sweet natured to a snarling, growling beast. The house is tense and dog and DH are being unbearable. Ifeel like I'm losing my mind.

DH is in such a state that he can't be alone without freaking out. so he's currently talking to me through the bathroom door. while i hide in here and type on the kindle.

i need a break. sad

Laurale31 Sat 30-Jul-11 20:07:41

I hope your ok, it sounds like your in a horrible situation the now but it will pass, I hope your both getting all the help you can from docs and any friends or family that could give you a break, I have had times like this in the past with my father and counselling really helped him, sending hugs x

madmouse Sat 30-Jul-11 20:13:07

Hey this is the fourth time that you have posted the same thread and you haven't responded to any of the answers you received, are you ok?

Empusa Sun 31-Jul-11 12:50:43

4 times?! Obviously using the kindle to sort is a bad idea. I was at my parents all yesterday so couldn't reply. Still not doing great. DH is having counselling but the therapist is away for 3 weeks. And they haven've given him any support in the meantime. I'm meant to be seeing someone too, but they never get back to me. Very much alone with all of this.

Empusa Tue 02-Aug-11 11:20:45

Was meant to see the doctor before getting more anti depressants last week, but my car broke down on the way there.

So I was meant to see the doctor today instead.

Except I turned up and they told me it was actually yesterday (I swear they told me Tuesday not Monday, I wrote it down as they said it to me).

So now I have to wait till Thursday and I'm out of anti-depressants and painkillers. sad

And I'm meant to be seeing a therapist but they wont get back to me.

I feel utterly isolated. Wondering why I'm bothering at all. Just want to sleep and not wake up.

TrinIsASadSpottyFatRhino Tue 02-Aug-11 11:23:57

I feel for you so much

where do you live,, could we get some company for you from the mn wonderfulmess
I would come and be with you if I was close enough

Empusa Tue 02-Aug-11 11:27:01

Thankyou Trin.

I do have DH here with me, and he's looking after me today. Luckily he came to the doctors with me this morning.

TrinIsASadSpottyFatRhino Tue 02-Aug-11 12:19:52

not meaning to be funny but if he's struggling so much then you are the one looking after him

you need some 'other' head space iyswim

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