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diagnosed with generalized anxiety....

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FriggFRIGG Thu 28-Jul-11 14:57:03

after years of avoiding it,i made the phone call,got myself to the dr's and had a panic attack whilst i was trying to explain why i was there.

she was very nice and referred me to the mental health team for some CBT,she said it could be a long wait though.

she said i was probably depressed too,i have some anger/frustration issues too but im not sure where they fit in.

she offered me some anti depressants and explain there were two i could take whilst breast feeding,
but im not do i know they're safe??
i said id go away and think about it,and ive booked an app for next thusday.
the problem is,i have a panic attack whenever i start to think about it,one is starting now,my DP is pretty useless,as he just doesnt 'get' any of it,and told me to read a self help book.i dont have the attention span,or the interest,that sounds terrible,but i dont.

i need to DO something,but i dont know what.

im also panicking because the dr i saw wont be there any more (shes leaving the surgery) so im going to have to explain all over again on thursday,and i find it hard to articulate what is going on in my head,

its been so long i dont know what is me,and what is the anxiety any more.

i probably should have namechanged,but if i dont hit 'post' now,i never will,and then i'll most likely 'forget' the app on thursday.
im sorry this is so rambling,if you've made any sense of it id appreciate your input!

paso Sun 31-Jul-11 23:08:02

do keep your appointment, dr there to help. CBT can be really helpful. medication & self help books have their place too. once you've spoken to someone who deals with this every day i'm sure you'll feel much better. loads of people struggle with that or similar and come out the otherside. good luck

behappi Mon 01-Aug-11 15:30:28

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

FriggFRIGG Mon 01-Aug-11 15:44:34

i would love to have a look at your blog if you could point me too it,thankyou.
my DP is the 'wooooo' one out of the two of us,im rather more emotionality stunted,but it's something im open toogrin

behappi Wed 03-Aug-11 23:41:51

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

FriggFRIGG Thu 04-Aug-11 08:59:16

Yes,you can do eithersmile thankyou.

behappi Thu 04-Aug-11 10:38:21

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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