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PND 8 years ago...anyone else feel the depression still lurking sometimes?

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ETsmum Tue 19-Jul-11 11:07:21

Had PND after I had DS, who is now nearly 8. He is absolutely fab, have a lovely dh, roof over our heads etc, so no "big issues". Just wondering really if there is anyone else who feels they "should" be recovered (and I am pretty much I think) but that has the odd week of feeling really crap.

The only thing I can really tie my feelings at the mo back to are a bit of a health scare with dh (hopefully fine, check up on fri) and sis in law having recently had a baby (6 weeks ago). I admit there is a lot of jealousy coming out with sis in law (not to her, only to dh and friends) in that she seems to be doing wonderfully. Also mil (who is great btw but/and lives downstairs from us) seems to be spending every free moment helping her out, where as when we had ds help seemed relatively scarce.

Sorry for the moan, just have been feeling really teary for the past week or so (not helped by hormones) and was wondering if anyone else can relate? I am almost certain how I am feeling at the mo will pass - soon hopefully smile I think that as I felt really rotten fro a long time after ds was born, that I always worry it coming back if I have a bad few days...

natsyloo Thu 21-Jul-11 22:07:55

Hi there, I understand what you mean. I had pretty severe PND after the birth of my DS a year ago and have steadily made improvement to the point that I feel tons better and only last week remember saying it felt like I was a different person. For the most part that's true, but there is always the fear in me that it will come back - it was one of my biggest irrational fears, that I would never get better.

It's normal to have bad days. It's also completely acceptable and understandable to feel more vulnerable/low when certain things happen to trigger this - the baby in the family is likely to be a big factor. I guess for me, I'm approaching the anniversary of my baba's arrival which brings back a deluge of mixed feelings.

The key is to recognise the triggers and to be kind to yourself. Use techniques that help to improve mood - CBT, exercise, contact with others, distraction...whatever it takes to lift your mood.

Fear is a key component of PND so it makes sense that the fear of it returning does 'lurk' sometimes and raise its ugly head. Think about how far you've come and really focus on that.

Take it easy x

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