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Just came back to say hello

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BoredCommuter Mon 18-Jul-11 19:33:30

I just wanted to come back to say hello. I was on here a lot around February/ March as my job and life ended up becoming too much and I ended up on anti depressants. I have made some fairly big steps since then to improve my mental health. I have left my job, it was a big well paid, City job. I am starting something nearer home, not as well paid, but it will make the commute a lot shorter and should be less stressful. Since leaving work, I feel so much better, I am now having moer good days than bad. I've also found a strong support community on twitter and started blogging about my depression. I'll be on the Prozac for another few months yet, but I'm definitely feel like I'm on the way up again.

NanaNina Mon 18-Jul-11 20:15:47

Oh so glad for you boredcommuter - I do remember you but can't remember all your posts (mind that's not surprising as I can't remember what I did yesterday). You mention the strong support system on twitter. I am still have ups and downs (more ups than downs) but it is still difficult because I hate the bad days and I can't make arrangements in case I am having a blip.

I have no idea how to get on to Twitter - could you advise me? I

BoredCommuter Mon 18-Jul-11 20:26:48

Nana - will PM you about twitter, I'm friends with a whole global community of people with mental health issues

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