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6 weeks off citalopram and I am struggling a little

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Ormirian Wed 13-Jul-11 11:56:39

Very tired, irritable and totally unreasonable.

I know I am being vile but beleive me not as vile as I could be!

DH had a go at me last night, told me to stop taking it out on everyone else! I could have ripped his head off and fed it to the dog! grin

He knows how I am feeling. He knows I can't help it. He knows also that I am in agony with my back and I am also menopausal. All I want if for him to tell me it's OK and to give me a hug. I know that I am not being very lovable atm but I think he bloody owes me some support after all these years and my support of him. Even the DC seemed to understand better than he does.

Ormirian Wed 13-Jul-11 16:48:36

Wow! That was a rant...

my TENS machine is wonderful so I feel a bit better now.

Oh and the dog ate one of our new leather dining chairs and dug up some tubs so I was entitled to grumpiness I think.

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