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Considering ADs but Worried I might Become Addicted

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CDMforever Tue 12-Jul-11 20:20:31

How likely is this??
If I feel I would like to come off them how easy would it be?
Will they make me feel drowsy?
Feel really anxious (ha ha) about taking them but feel its the only route at the moment.
Just don't know what to expect.
Which ones should I avoid??
Really know nothing about ADs at all except that I'm hoping they will sort my life out a bit.

NanaNina Tue 12-Jul-11 20:34:51

It isn't possible to answer all your queries because all ADs react differently on different people and what suits one, does not suit another. Some have a more sedative affect than others, but again this varies with individuals. You don't say what your symptoms are, but hope they will "sort your life out" ADs only treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and not the underlying causes. To help uncover some of these issues, you will need counselling or therapy of some sort.

The best thing you can do is go to your GP - telling him/her your symptoms and taking advice accordingly. Most GPs now like to prescribe the newer ADs - they are called SSRIs because they have fewer side effects than the older ones, but again this varies between individuals. As for addiction I don't think you should worry. Addiction means that you crave more and more of the drug and this does not happen with ADs though if you are on them for a significant amount of time, you can become dependent on them, though this is rare.

As for coming off them, again you will need to take advice from your GP - they have to be reduced gradually.

Sorry can't be more helpful - I think one of the frustrations of mental illness is that the drugs (which can be very effective) act differently on different people and sometimes one that has suited in the past, does not do so in another episode of depression, so it's all a bit trial and error I'm afraid.

However if you are seriously depressed they can be a life saver.

CDMforever Tue 12-Jul-11 20:47:33

By "sorting my life out" I was obviously referring to my anxiety/depression.
I realise ADs wont' be able to make me thinner/lower my electricity bill/sort out my childrens' behaviour.
I'm not seriously depressed but can't seem to lift myself out of feeling very very low the majority of the time.

NanaNina Wed 13-Jul-11 11:03:57

Sorry if my post sounded patronising. It's difficult in posts to get things across sometimes. Think you should go to GP and tell him/her how low you are feeling (persistent low/sad mood is a symptom of depression) and take it from there.

midnightservant Wed 13-Jul-11 11:27:23

Hi, I remember how apprehensive I was of taking anti-depressants, but for me at least I have found one that suits me very well. Far from being addicted, they make me well enough to forget to take them IYSWIM, as my morning low mood used to be the thing that reminded me to take meds.

Luckily if I forget for more than a day my dreams change in a way that lets me know I'm lacking something.

Hope this all makes some kind of sense - I am very tired. And doesn't sound too mad (well, I am used to that blush).

NanaNina talks good sense. Of course as they used to say in internet forums Your Mileage May Vary.

Best wishes and hugs if you need them.

madmouse Wed 13-Jul-11 14:05:09

Just to add to what has already been said: ADs are not addictive - you will not crave more of them over time and they do not give you a high.

It can be hard to get off them because your body starts to rely on the serotonin that ADs make available and starts to make a bit less itself - you need to come off very slowly to allow your body to catch up again. But that is not the same as addiction.

FWIW I've been prescribed them yesterday (see my thread with holiday in the title) and I still haven't convinced myself to take them.

CDMforever Wed 13-Jul-11 18:46:18

Thanx all.
As it turned out my GP didn't prescribe me ADs.
He said I am depressed but that its more circumstantial i.e. not coping with the kids etc (exactly what you said, nananina - sorry, I was feeling very insecure last nite).
Instead he has referred me for counselling and has recommended a CBT internet course called MoodGYM.
I feel alot more positive today as I've now got something to focus on - hope the counselling comes through soon!

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