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Starting counselling this week - what should I expect?

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FretfulFemme Tue 12-Jul-11 19:24:27

I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety in December and have been on Citalopram since.I have finally got a counselling appointment at my local GP surgery.

The pills have helped me to get on with life without really being affected by strong emotions. As a result, I haven't even given any thought to what might be causing me to feel the way I do.

I'm scared I'll turn up to this appointment and not be able to convey how I feel.

There are various issues, but a big one that I am desperate to fix is my aversion to sex. My poor husband has been getting very little for years. I managed it while TTC, but my mind just panics at the thought. Also loneliness, feeling of not being wanted/important among family and friends. etc.

How do counselling sessions work? Will I have to just blurt it out? I'm so scared of even turning up. Any experiences you can share would be very welcome.


Besom Tue 12-Jul-11 19:54:04

There are different typse of counselling. I've had the more psychotherapeutic kind and not CBT techniques so I can only speak about that but yours may be different.

I think it'll be up to you whether you blurt or don't. They'll probably let you set the pace and if you want to blurt that's fine.

It feels a bit weird at times as if they're just sitting there looking at you and you think 'I don't know what's expected of me here'. You may also at times think 'I don't know what else to say'.

After the first couple of sessions it may not be that clear what it is achieving so I'd stick it out even if you think it isn't particularly doing you any good at first. I know with mine (PND) at first I thought nice lady and everything but I didn't realise until a bit later that she was helping me get back in control.

Besom Tue 12-Jul-11 19:57:37

Ps don't be scared. It's not scary. It's just a nice person to talk to at its very basic level. I hope it helps you as it really did help me.

FretfulFemme Wed 13-Jul-11 17:35:45

thanks for your input, very much appreciated

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