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Citalopram & bleeding

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mrsmcfly Fri 08-Jul-11 21:32:46

Hi Ladies. Im a very new poster on here. I have 3 boys nearly 6 nearly 3 and 11 weeks about 5 weeks ago my hv diagnosed pnd I am now on wk 4 of citalopram 10mg.

I dont know if this is related to the pills or my hormones but i had first af after ds3 and a week later I am now having a very light bleed again. Other side effects are i am very sweaty which isnt nice at all, lacking concentration with small things like how many scoops of powder ive put in a bottle, my appetite is appalling at the moment i either eat like a pig or not at all or replace meals with snacks. I am tired and easily fall asleep in day but not of a night. I am still having good and bad days but I am not crying now and have occasionally felt happy.

Im seeing doc on tuesday so will mention these symptoms.

catx2 Sat 09-Jul-11 20:31:58

I think it is normal for your period to behave funny after childbirth. Don't think it is to do with the Citlopram but all your other symptoms are normal with Citalopram.
As you said mention it to your Dr as you have an app anyway.

mrsmcfly Sat 09-Jul-11 20:48:19

Thanks for your reply.

I did have odd bleeding after ds2 as well but I put that down to the pill. I haven't gone on anything yet so its not that. Maybe its just taking a while to settle down.

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