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Diagnosed with anxiety and depression yesterday

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theressomethingaboutmarie Thu 07-Jul-11 11:19:24

It's my second bout of depression but my first of anxiety. I'd finally had enough of work. 12 hour days, constant unreasonable pressure, mounting workload and then given more work, pushed and harrassed on deadlines and I cracked, I finally cracked when my boss emailed me (I'm a HR Manager) a performance issue note for my own file regarding missing setting up inductions for new staff. I'm doing the work of two people (no exaggeration) and had kept saying that I had too much to do, that I was feeling overworked. I'm at the end of my tether. I've been signed off for two weeks but logged into my email this morning; I actually felt my heart rate race as I saw an email that indicated a minor issue in a process I set up in a third party system (that is reknowned in our company for being unutterably crap). I just can't do this anymore.

ladymarian Thu 07-Jul-11 14:59:59


didn't want your post to go unanswered. I am signed off work at the moment too with stress and depression.

If you are signed off you really have to NOT look at your work emails (hard as that may be) Did the doctor give you any meds?

Take care

ilovepesto Fri 08-Jul-11 18:24:34

Hi OP, I'm not sure I have anything of any help to say but wanted you to know you're not alone. I don't think there's a great deal of traffic on here but I'm sure you'll get some support soon. Well done for taking steps to relieve some of the pressure. Please try not to read your emails, I'm sure it can only add to the stress. Have some time out. Be kind to yourself and hopefully your employers will take note of how difficult it is to manage all your tasks. Have you discussed your workload with your manager - I suspect you have. What's you plan for the next couple of weeks? I hope you're managing to get some rest.

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