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Do I need to change my medication?

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feedmenow Wed 06-Jul-11 14:25:21

Was just wondering if AD's can lose their effectiveness over time really?

Have taken AD's on and off for years and tried a few different ones, but have been taking sertraline for the last 2.5 years. Last spring I hoped to get off them over the summer but ended up having the dose increased instead. Was hopeful that I would be able to get them down (or gone) this summer but have been feeling worse and worse and worse over the last couple of months that there is no way I can even think about getting off them.

I don't really understand why I'm feeling so bad other than the possibility I am just too "used" to them and they are therefore not doing the job for me anymore.

Anyone got any thoughts or experience please?

fedupandtired Wed 06-Jul-11 21:17:30

Yes they can lose their effectiveness. Sounds like you need a review with your doctor.

thingamajig Wed 06-Jul-11 22:30:36

A review with your doctor is a really good idea. I don't know about ADs losing their effect over time, that is one possibility. Another is that you are getting more depressed again and need a higher dose. If you have tried several different ADs that haven't been effective you could have treatment resistant depression, and need something with a different method of action. Have you ever tried a non SSRI? I expect you probably have. I have been on all sorts and am now on an SSRI (citalopram) + lithium, which is the first thing that has ever really worked.

Chocattack Wed 06-Jul-11 23:44:14

Yes in my experience - ie they have done with me. Like you I've tried various over many years. I've always done a very slow withdrawal, never had rebound depression symptoms (although I do get reoccurring depression approx. every 3-4 years regardless of whether I'm on ADs or not). Doesn't hurt to change ADs if what you're taking isn't working anymore.

Kallista Tue 12-Jul-11 07:50:30

In winter 2008 i had a breakdown; my GP started citalopram for depression.
In Spring '09 i saw the psychiatrist & went up to 80mg but it worked. But by aug '09 i became very depressed again so was switched to Sertraline. (Also had started CBT).
Went up to top dose of Sertraline gradually.
I was still suicidal Xmas '09 so CBT stopped & i now see the consultant psychologist 2 weekly.
I was diagnosed with depressive disorder & BPD (THAT was a shock). Due to also having epilepsy i take epilim which also acts as a mood stabilizer for me.
I tried to come off the epilim & start keppra for the epilepsy (want to ttc in future) but my moods & the epilepsy worsened so the psychiatrist & neurologist both put me back on epilim.
In autumn 2010 i swapped setraline for venlafaxine 225mg (an SNRI). Also titrated up the epilim. I was very depressed & suicidal before christmas - almost catatonic, barely eating & was DSH.
The after NYE it was as if a light switched on.
Now i still get bad days, but not constant like before.
Am off work sadly since may as venlafaxine lowers seizure threshold - had to increase keppra for the epilepsy so am still too drowsy.
Bored now though.
Am still having psychology as the BPD means i have had communication issues at work - it is helping.
I may also be given Quetiapine to help with the paranoia & occasional derealisation i get.
That drug does also lower the seizure threshold too though.
I would like to increase the keppra & come off the epilim so it will be safer when i do eventually ttc.
My psychiatrist & neurologist just don't liaise though!
OP - You may also need an SNRI anti-d. If so do come off the sertraline very slowly.
Good luck!

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