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I don't mean to sound like a Snoresby Pessimist you sometimes wonder if you have spent so long feeling low that you now accept low as normal?

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frumpygrumpy Tue 05-Jul-11 20:31:48

Just that really. I think I do. I think I have a tiny pendulum swing. Shit became ok, and really shit became a low day.

Not sure why the hell I posted that!!!!!!!!! grin <<fg adopts self-exploration face and bigs up her chest to show humour in the face of adversity>>

bittersweetvictory Wed 06-Jul-11 11:27:01

I accept feeling low as normal, i can handle that, but when the soul crushing depression creeps in i refuse to accept it will be there forever, if i accepted it i might as well just give up, im on a quest to make myself better no matter how long it takes but do the humour in the face of adversity thing.

frumpygrumpy Wed 06-Jul-11 11:44:10

Sometimes I worry that is where I am, the soul crushing depression has become part of me and I feel, no matter what, nothing is going to shift it. Its horrible.

My biggest hate is how the tiny things in life become impossible. You know they are tiny, you know they are manageable........and yet here I sit frozen.

<<goes off to cook black pudding!!!!>>

quiddity Thu 07-Jul-11 01:52:57

yyy frumpy. I think of it as having my thermostat set lower than other people.
Sometimes I look at people who are overflowing with happiness just because it's a normal day, not because anything wonderful has happened, and I just don't understand what it must feel like to have such a wonderful, ordinary life instead of seeing a day as a list of responsibilities that you have to grit your teeth to drag yourself through.

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