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Would you rather be a zombie or a banshee?

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OhSodItAll Sat 25-Jun-11 17:53:51

Please excuse the rather odd title! And I've name changed too.
Would you rather be a zombie (on anti depressants) and drift along, not losing your temper, not being too cross about anything, not being wound up about anything but not feeling anything. Not passionate about anything, not being interested in sex. But just feeling "meh". Lukewarm would describe me then.

Or would you be a banshee where you are not taking anti depressants (St John's Wort instead) but losing temper, snapping, angry, cross, tearful and pms like. Absolutely no patience and hate myself and DC's and DH.
But on the other hand laughing out loud a lot more. Enjoying food more. Don't know about sex yet as the opportunity hasn't arisen.

I've stopped the anti depressant that I'd been on for 3 years, with gp's go-ahead. Gone onto the natural route but my god, I don't like myself very much at all! I don't know if being a zombie is really better!

OpusProSerenus Sat 25-Jun-11 18:02:14

Just wanted to wish you good luck!

I don't have an answer for you really although my gut feeling is that life is for living and, although it may not be easy, it seems better to experience it. There's one of those rather sentimental sayings "It's not the years in your life that matter but the life in your years"

I'd be inclined to warn those in the firing line of the possibility of "Banshee moments" and go for it but good luck with whatever you decide is best for you.

OhSodItAll Sat 25-Jun-11 18:04:58

Thank you smile

Hassled Sat 25-Jun-11 18:09:24

Is there not a happy-medium? No alternatives?
<clueless but neither option sounds great>

EweLoveIt Sat 25-Jun-11 18:12:34

My choice is a zombie as i'm a much nicer person then hmm

Riveninside Sat 25-Jun-11 18:16:57

People around me prefer the zombie i think

OhSodItAll Sat 25-Jun-11 18:25:36

I'm thinking (sat here with tear-stained face) that zombie may be better than feeling like this sad

EweLoveIt Sat 25-Jun-11 18:39:41

Different anti-depressents and different dose might give you the alternative you need. I would ask the gp to try something else?

OhSodItAll Sat 25-Jun-11 19:03:51

I have a gp's appt this week.
My herbalist thinks I should carry on with her dose of SJW plus the herbal tonic she's made me. I've been on the SJW and tonic (sounds like a drink) for about 2 weeks and she wants me to carry on longer to see if it will have more of a non-zombie calming down effect. She suggests I use the tonic as a kind of rescue remedy, as and when needed, so I'd have to decant it into something handbag sized.
(She has cured my migraines so she's good at what she does)

EweLoveIt Sat 25-Jun-11 19:08:20

Depession is a dangrous illness, the affects with things go wrong can be very bad.

SJW may work if you are feeling a little bit low but not with depression. I believe in herbalists and think that for minor illments it is very good but i would not risk it with depression.

OhSodItAll Sat 25-Jun-11 19:23:33

I don't know what to do sad
The tears keep coming sad all because I don't know what to do sad

EweLoveIt Sat 25-Jun-11 19:29:51

The tears come because you have depression. It is an illness, that needs meds to get better. I'm sure a low dose of anti-depresst it better than SJW.

If there was just an event that made you upset and down then yes try SJW but if it is long term, it is an illness and needs meds.

I would talk to my GP and try something different, enought to stop the tears but not strong enough to make you feel like a zombie then when that works and you feel better then think about herble remebies.

bittersweetvictory Sat 25-Jun-11 19:48:04

Neither, i would rather be on ADs which didnt turn me into a zombie ( which i am ) i still loose my temper and get cross about stuff but im no banshee, a happy medium for me.

OhSodItAll Sat 25-Jun-11 20:29:34

How long does depression last for!?

Well I guess I last got "proper" depression, PND 3yrs ago after wee boy was born, I also had PND after my little girl was born almost 6 yrs ago. I don't know why I've got it now gahhh, I'm crying again and I've told DH he and kids would be better off not living with me, I'd be better off away from them cos all I do is shout.
His response. He'd rather I was on the antidepressants.
And off he goes to the Pub.
Which means I'll have a hungover DH tomorrow as well as two kids I can't cope with, I really just want to walk out the door and never return sad

Oh sod it all sad

EweLoveIt Sat 25-Jun-11 20:37:03


It is the depression talking not you.

You can cope but you need the meds to do it.

Who cares how long it lasts if the meds work and life is better, take them.

Your family love you and need you.

You feel like this because of the change of medication.

Please keep talking to us.

OhSodItAll Sat 25-Jun-11 20:55:55

Thank you EweLoveIt. I'm alright.
Maybe I need time on my own. That was DH's other suggestion.
My thoughts are everything will be just the same when I get back so why bother!?
I need to empty my head of crapness don't I??

EweLoveIt Sat 25-Jun-11 21:54:13

No you need to go see the gp and try the anti-deprssants again. When i'm not on them i cant think stright and change my mind alot. When i take them i can think stright and i can make decisions.

I think the only thing that helps is meds and counciing.

OpusProSerenus Sat 25-Jun-11 22:46:38

OP I wrote you a huge message but MN ate it! I am rather concerned about this herbalist tbh. Just because a drug comes from a plant rather than a lab does not mean it is right for you. St Johns Wort is a bastard of a drug IMO, it interacts with many prescribed medicines like antidepressants, oral contraceptives, antiepileptics and many more.

Were you taking the SJW when on the antidepressants? Maybe it was the combination of the two which made you feel zombie-ish if you were.

Talk to your GP this week but make sure you tell them what you are taking as herbal is not automatically safe or good. Non-medical practitioners should never recommend you use their treatments instead of prescribed meds from your doctor

notwillingtodivulge Sat 25-Jun-11 23:05:28

ohsodit i am sorry that you are feeling like this, i can't offer much advice right now, as not on top-form myself, but if you have been on tha same ADs for 3 years, it sounds as though you are ready for a break, or at least, a change in dosage or type of medication. you can't live you life as a 'zombie'. that is not a life.

out of interest, bittersweetvictory what is workig for you?

Chocattack Sat 25-Jun-11 23:20:44

Banshee when safe, zombie when not grin. Why not somewhere in between though? Hope things manage to settle down for you soon.

OhSodItAll Sun 26-Jun-11 10:21:50

Thanks all.

My herbalist is a registered one, own clinic, highly respected, she also provides alternative therapies for a major sporting club (that's wasn't why I chose her though grin, she's married to my pal)

I'm not going to take the SJW until I see my GP. I used to be on Sertraline/Zoloft but came off cos I wanted to "feel" more, also the old sex life was is still non existent, we thought coming off that drug then onto Citalopram would be better.
But oh no, I knew best hmm and decided to take a break from all antd's. The withdrawal was awful but I got there.
Then decided to have SJW and herbal tonic after a lengthy chat with herbalist. And it ain't working... so how long does it take to get out of your system?
Is Citalopram any better for improving or increasing sexual desire?

GeetTallBird Tue 28-Jun-11 22:50:54

Ok, now been prescribed Citalopram, counselling and been given the number of "Crisis" to stick in my purse. (named changed btw)
Have taken #1 and hope all goes well....

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