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GP apt 7 days away - how can i help myself in the meantime?

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MouseWheat Fri 24-Jun-11 13:38:22

I can't get an appointment with my regular GP for another week. I think I have depression, it must have been building for months but this last few days things have got too much and I've had a bit of a meltdown.

I have two young DC (2.9 and 11months), a DH who I think is coming out the other side of a bout of depression, a mountain of debt, an ankle injury that means I can't exercise properly, low self esteem caused by spots which are caused by stress which is caused by said debt and a list of other things that are creating that horrible sick feeling in my stomach.

I was on citralopram (sp?) six years ago for anxiety and I'm worried this is going to come back. What can I do to help myself til I see the doctor? Are the flower/rescue remedy type things any good as a short term measure?

My house is a mess, I'm behind on washing/ironing etc, I'm tired all the time, no energy or motivation and my kids are being babysat by cbeebies sad

Wish I could "snap out of it" sad

natsyloo Fri 24-Jun-11 16:13:13

Hello - first thing is there is no 'snapping out of' mental illness like depression (as much as we would all love to) so try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

You've taken positive steps booking your appointment - in the meantime it's a case of assessing how bad you are and what support you can access. What do you mean exactly by 'a meltdown'?

Try and focus on the important things - washing/ironing/housework go right to the back of the queue...they really aren't that important in the scheme of things. Make sure you are able to tell people around you how you feel, if things get really tough there are crisis teams from community mental health services who can visit your house to assess the severity of your condition if you think you're really struggling to cope.

When I suffered with severe PND last year I found eating and sleeping properly really important (where poss of course), help at home, distractions, exercise (even a short walk can improve your mood). There are herbal remedies on the market but I'm no expert.

Also, see if you can investigate local community groups for PND. I've set one up with other mums in my area and it's an invaluable support for vulnerable mums to meet regularly and talk to other people in the same situation.

Good luck - hope you feel better soon smile

ImeldaM Fri 24-Jun-11 16:37:31

Would stress to take things one day at a time, think each day about getting through the day & that tomorrow will be another day.

What helped me when I had short periods to 'get through' was to keep myself busy doing relatively mundane tasks, housework, but not tackling a mountain, just small steps, eg get 1 load of washing on, tidy one pile, do pile of dishes. To try not to spend too much time 'thinking'.

Small things like making sure you get outside at least once a day, eg for short walk with kids.

Hope you feel better soon

MouseWheat Fri 24-Jun-11 18:45:43

Thanks for replying. By meltdown I mean I've started crying at the slightest thing. I was such a mess on Wednesday, inconsolable. I've found I've been thinking about the past a lot and mistakes I've made and getting upset about it. I don't know why now. Also I've been imagining life on my own with DC. Stupid really as there's no real reason for doing this. My marriage isn't on the rocks or anything. Strained at times, but nothing that I wouldn't think is par for the course with young children.

I've stopped eating properly (never seem to find time since the youngest has become mobile) and sleep is a massive issue as I work part-time nights. My batteries are never fully charged iykwim.

I've today told my DH that I think I'm depressed but not about the dwelling on the past or thoughts of leaving. Like I said, I think he's just getting over a depressive episode himself so I don't want to drag him back down. I think I've been holding it together for months while he was down but now he seems better I seem to have crashed. He's quite supportive and has encouraged me to see the doctor. My mum has an idea too after she asked if I was ok and I burst into tears, but again, not the full extent. My best friend knows everything and has been there herself so I guess I'm not doing too badly in the support stakes, I'm just conscious of being a burden.

I forced myself to do some washing before and found it led to doing a couple of other bits, but I still feel so low. There is a sure start centre near me which is a nice walk through the park so I will try & make an effort to attend next week, ankle permitting.

natsyloo Sun 26-Jun-11 19:56:49

Hey, how's your day been? Glad to hear you have a supportive family and good friends - that's really important.

I know it's hard but try and eat regularly - bananas are great for slow release energy on the go. Sleep is pretty hard to come by with little ones (especially with work commitments) but I genuinely think it has a big impact on mood.

Maybe think of one thing you can do each day to pass the time and give you something to aim for - be it going for a short walk, to a mums' group (if you feel up to it). I found it really helped having some structure to my day so I didn't feel the panic of the hours stretching out ahead of me until DH came home.

Take it easy and be kind to yourself x

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