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What could I be doing to help my husband?

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rocketlolly Wed 22-Jun-11 22:56:41

It's pretty clear now that he has depression. There's a cycle that has been evident for a good couple of years. When things are good, they are very very good and when things are bad they are horrid. Draining, flat. Loss of personality.

I really need to talk about it now but I can't think of anyone to talk to. I think we need to do something but I think we're both frightened of doing anything.

Any advice? Is there a way to make it better without making it all much worse?

cestlavielife Thu 23-Jun-11 11:00:01

if you not happy with the situaiton then do something...but Is up to him to get to GP adn seek help. you can support him in doing this, encourage him to go to GP. he is an adult in cahrge of his own mental health

for you - read depression fallout

it can drag you down too.

bittersweetvictory Thu 23-Jun-11 11:03:39

Your DH will have to go and see his GP rocketlolly i understand that you are both frightned as taking the first step is always the most difficult but its worth it.
I think its more difficult for men to admit to depression and they tend to suffer longer before seeking help, but going to the GP is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of strength and a relief once its actually done.
There is no need to be scared as your GP will help your DH, he may need a course of ADs or/and counselling but the sooner this is done the better.
There are alternative remedies but i have tried them all and all it did was put off the visit to my GP for even longer, i wish now i had gone straight to my GP as soon as i started feeling depressed, if you are scared of the thought of ADs then there is no need to be, the GP normally starts you off on a low dose and builds it up if need be, a lot of people think that ADs will leave them feeling like zombies or spaced out and not able to function but this is not the case, they do take a few weeks to kick in but you gradually start to feel better, it doesnt mean that he will be on them for life but for at least 6 months.

rocketlolly Thu 23-Jun-11 20:12:12

Ok. I'll push him on with it. Must admit, I'm worried about what ads will do to him. He's great when he's feeling good.

rocketlolly Thu 23-Jun-11 20:18:26

Thanks vie. I think that website will help me clear things up in my head.

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