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Is there someone you can call (not Samaritans)?

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FriedChicken Tue 21-Jun-11 16:02:55

I have a history of depression. I have never really had proper treatment for it, but have 'self managed' (although have been to the GP about it a few years ago).

I feel like I am experiencing some sort of crisis. I feel terrible - not suicidal or anything, nothing like that - but unable to get out of bed, no energy, cant face work, my mum has had to come and look after kids as I cannot seem to function normally.

I am going to try to get an emergency appt with my GP first thing tomorrow (very anxious about doing this), but in the meantime, is there any helpline I can ring or anyone I can speak to who knows about depression and can offer words of wisdom?

I just feel so, so low.

ramade Tue 21-Jun-11 17:53:29

I know how you feel, hang on. Try not to feel guilty. Try not to worry about tommorow or think about the past. This helps me when I go through this. Just concentrate on your breathing

bittersweetvictory Tue 21-Jun-11 17:54:42

Theres this one
Dont be anxious about seeing your GP ( although this is easier said than done ) they are there to help and the first step is always the worst.
I hope you manage to get an appointment tomorrow but if you are given ADs they will take a few weeks to kick in properly, you could always post on here if you feel like offloading.

ramade Tue 21-Jun-11 17:55:35

Sit/lie somewhere quiet and just notice the small things around you, like trees out the window or the light shining on the wall, anything which will distract you from negative thoughts

ramade Tue 21-Jun-11 18:03:19

When you feel those heavy thoughts creep back in or the tight anxious feeling returning, bring yourself back to watching/noticing those small things again.

Tomorrow please don't talk yourself out of going to the GP, just go. If you had a broken leg or a open wound you wouldn't talk yourself out of getting it treated, this is just as important.

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