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I just feel that i'm hopeless, angry, frustrated about everything...

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IntergalacticHussy Tue 21-Jun-11 11:06:25

Both on the level of my day to day existence and how i relate to people, and when i stop and think about the state of the world in general, really.

I've wondered over the years whether i have aspergers or what else could be wrong with me. I've struggled with depression on and off for lots of my adult life, I know that much. I just don't seem able to get along with anyone these days.

I know people will think i'm heading for another bout of depression when I say these things but I was watching that Evan Davies thing 'Made in Britain' last night and when he was gloating about the fact that we are now manufacturing these awful drones which don't even need to be remotely piloted; they're basically robots which are programmed to be able to pick out which targets to bomb for themselves, I just couldn't imagine how anyone could watch something like that and not feel utterly depressed. Especially when he's simultaneously talking about what a key industry it is for us and how we basically depend on exporting these machines in order to bridge the trade deficit! FFS!

And it's not just that, it's so many things... sad I must be mad cos it doesn't seem to bother anyone else.

bittersweetvictory Tue 21-Jun-11 13:36:30

You are not mad intergalactic perhaps a bit depressed but not mad.
I worry about the state of the world all the time, more so since Cameron became PM and started all the benefit cuts because my DS 18 has HFA and i am his carer and keep imagining that we will be left homeless and skint and i think a lot of people are in the same position.
If you think you may have aspergers i would advise you to get it checked out because if you have then how you feel will make a lot more sense, i know this was the case for my DS, he was diagnosed with high functioning autism and aspergers has been mentioned, he is very prone to social anxiety and does not relate well to people he doesnt know, he is now on a small dose of ADs and it has helped his anxietys a lot.
Have you seen your GP about how you feel ? as he would be your first port of call.

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