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Therapists in East london??

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luckyjames Mon 20-Jun-11 16:35:26

I always miss my partner when i don't see him but when i do, i get frustrated really easily and annoyed with some of his ways but sometimes thinking back, it was unnecessary. Since having my son, i found it difficult with the night wakings, refusing to eat and now over 3 years of age, tends to play me up and no-one else. My mother had a poor hardworking childhood and missed out on education because her family could not afford it. Her father was in the navy and rearly came home, when he did, he had no interest in his children. My parents gave me a relatively happy childhood. I got to see my father once a week as he worked really hard, he was always loving and calm. My mother expected a lot from me in terms of education, i spent most days of the week studying something or another and was not allowed to go out with friends much. She always shielded me also, i never had to do any housework therefore when i met my partner and started a family, i found housework and looking after our son really hard work. When i was little, if i did well with school work, she sometimes says well done or i might get a toy as a reward but there was never any loving affection (She said it was because she didn't have it so she didn't feel comfortable giving it). I tend to get frustrated with my son really easily and my partner, i never shout but i do raise my voice or threaten to not do something if he doesn't do what i asked of him. My son is very shy. i wonder if it's my personality which has lead to him becoming really clingy to me. I really would like to see a psychologist/therapists who can help me identify any underlying issues from my childhood and get support, learn ways to cope and change my behaviour. Waiting time on the NHS will take too long and i was wondering if anyone could suggest someone private who i can see, preferably someone in East London or near. I can travel but not too far. Has anyone tried a certain therapy and it has helped or not helped, does anyone know anyone who is really good. Advice and info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

cupcake78 Tue 21-Jun-11 13:56:40

Look on: BACP, UKCP or Counselling Directory websites for qualifed, registered therapists. They will indicate their specialist/experienced areas.
(some people do internet counselling, Skype sessions, which maybe possible and tbh if your therapist knows what there doing it should pose little problem to your sessions).

As for approach it really depends on you and what you need from your therapist. For more childhood issues I would say aim for Humanistic/Psychodynamic. Most therapists will be able to help you, its more about who you trust to open up to.

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