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Why is there no pleasing I odd??

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LittlebearH Fri 17-Jun-11 21:02:27

I have a DD 16 mo. (a terrible sleeper and although better than she was, I am still up a few times a night, I am getting a bit more sleep which has improved things)

Although I am bored and miss my "old life" sometimes, when the opportunity to go out arises, I don't want to go in case DD wakes and I will be tired the next day. i also cant face the planning of getting ready etc. I have only been out in the evening twice since she was born.

Same with going out for the day, DD will only sleep in her cot so I cant face the stress of her not sleeping and what we need to do in case scenarios.

I never look forawrd to going out and rarely enjoy it. It all feel like too much stress and effort.

DP is cheesed off and no one understands. Is it PND? I suffer from anxiety but not really severly atm. I was on valium for a bit which calmed me down.

I dont know if I am just a miserable boring cow, destined to always feel like this or if there is something wrong.
DP feel like a am a fraud....esp as I no longer drink.

Laugs Fri 17-Jun-11 23:59:12

You don't say whether you would really like to go out if it wasn't too stressful, or if you're just thinking about it because it annoys DP.

If you want to, maybe it is just a matter of getting organised and going out at times when DD is not napping. Is she down to 1 or 2 naps a day now? So you could go out in the morning or afternoon if you planned it?

I totally understand you not wanting to drink if she is waking up several times a night. You could try going to the cinema or something though, once she's in bed. Or do you not want to leave her at all?

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