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I've got a really stupid OCD, but it's ruining my please!

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piedpiper4 Thu 16-Jun-11 09:07:27

For many years I've had a really stupid's so stupid I laugh at myself for having it....but I can't break it, and it's ruining mine and my family's life.
I'm petrified of speed camera's, to the point where I can't drive anywhere, I'm frightened to let my OH drive anywhere and I'm petrified if I'm in someone's car ie taxi.
I know this is a symptom of my inner anxiety, but I am really worried about getting help in case it morphs into something else. I have looked into it a bit, and have found that although this particular OCD is rare, it's not unique, and is usually a secondary OCD. I'm not aware of having a 'primary' OCD, but I am a binge eater. I'm worried that if I 'cure' the speed camera thing, that I will develop a major eating disorder. At the moment, I keep the binge eating in check-just, but am beggining to have really negative thoughts about food-like 'the only way I can beat this is to stop eating'. These thoughts are scarey, but I don't think I'll ever act on them (thankfully), as I'm a typical binge eater-food gives me my safe place.

I'm scared to go to gp and ask for help, as I know how stupid this all sounds, but I'm scared for the future if I don't do something. Anyone got any suggestions?
Sorry, this is so long. Just needed to get it all out. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

shavmcv Thu 16-Jun-11 16:17:13

Would you consider going to gp about he binge eating ? If you get your binge eating under control medically then maybe your other fears will also become controlled . Remember eating disorders no matter how extreme or how controlled will be treated as any other medical condition . binge eating is usually the manifestation of some other emotional or mental health problem

I would definitely see your gp .
Good luck x

madmouse Thu 16-Jun-11 16:51:22

You need counselling to help with your binge eating. Binge eating for me too was my safe place. I needed counselling to work through that need for a safe place (abuse related) and then I did a CBT based self help program and that stopped the binges.

Also, I doubt very much that tackling your OCD will cause a major eating disorder. First of all like it or not you already have a serious eating disorder. Secondly it is more likely that you will develop another OCD style habit if you continue to supress rather than tackle your eating problems. ie You may next get afraid of cats (deliberate ridiculous example) rather than it changing your eating.

piedpiper4 Thu 16-Jun-11 17:26:39

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate them.
I'm sure you're right-that the binge eating is the primary problem and the OCD is the symptom. I guess what I'm scared of is that the binge eating is kept under control, because the OCD is it's outlet, if that makes sense. Take away that outlet, and the eating disorder will get worse.

I have booked an appointment with gp for next week. Couldn't get in sooner. Just need to have the courage to go and explain what's going on.

piedpiper4 Thu 23-Jun-11 15:44:30

Just a quick update. After much debating I dragged myself into the GP's today, and I 'm glad I did. He took me seriously and has put me forward for a combined cbt/counselling and medication approach. He thinks the OCD is more of a phobia, and is very much the excape valve for my eating disorder, so the two things need to be treated together. It complicates the situation, but he thinks they can be treated.
Feel very emotional right now. I've been coping with this since 1992-nearly the whole of my adult life. I just don't want to feel like this any more. Although part of me feels like hell that 'the devil has been let out' and I'm never going to be able to get it back in again....I know that is what needs to happen.
As I was leaving, the GP said to me 'You walked in here today saying you had a stupid problem that was going to make me laugh, whilst we can laugh together at the speed camera's, we cant laugh at the underlying problem'. I was so grateful, I nearly started crying again-just never expected to get such understanding.

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