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What do you do when

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OCDQueen Mon 13-Jun-11 21:37:25

everytime you look in the mirror you are disappointed and disgusted at the person looking back at you? When you feel like everybody is looking down their noses at you like you're subhuman, which you are. When you don't let yourself be friends with anybody because you think they will quickly realise you're not worth knowing?

How can I stop doing this to myself every single day? Why can't I just be happy? This has been going on for years, I've had counselling, anti depressants.. nothing works, at the end of the day it's still me vs me.

cjel Mon 13-Jun-11 22:30:22

I would want to advise you that the counselling you've had isn't finished or you didn' get the right one. I don't feel like you do now and its only a distant memory of what its like. Remember if you broke your leg and it didn't heal you'd go back for more treatment until it was. I know its hard every day but please whoever it was that made you feel like this has had too much of your life already. Keep on keeping on until you don't feel like it any more. The world is full of successful people who get up and meet freinds every day who felt like you do at one time. Please don't give up on yourself you have got this far - take it as far as you can. let me know how you get onx

RoseWei Tue 14-Jun-11 00:58:38

OCD - I guess many of us understand these feelings. The person looking back at you is you - with every right to be happy and included. There is nothing and no-one that can take that right away from you. Of course, you are worth knowing - you have a life, a history, ideas, skills, experience - all of which make you worth knowing. Your experiences, especially, contribute to your being able to understand people and events.

cjel is right - look for another counsellor (horses for courses) or, if appropriate, keep going with whatever you've got in place now.

I find going out - walks, cycling, gardening - really anything in the fresh air makes me feel good about myself. Coming home, I've achieved something, perhaps met or simply smiled at other ordinary people, recharged.

Keep posting.

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