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Self help/supplements/GP?

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Ooopsadaisy Fri 10-Jun-11 14:28:01

I have a pretty good life.

I just can't seem to be happy right now. Every day feels like Groundhog day. I wake up in the morning and my first thought is - oh God, here we go again. Have nothing to say to DP of over 20 years. DCs seem like they just want to whinge and make a mess - I have no affection for them. I feel like I'd rather be alone. Have had a dignified falling out with highly loved old school friend (have known her for over 30 years) and feel so empty and sad about it.

I have hobbies but have no-one to share them with (DP not interested, friends busy/children/work etc).

Work is low paid, mundane, annoying, demoralising, thankless, directionless. Have never known what I want to do so have drifted - now hate myself for it.

Moneywise - we get by, but I have no pension and I don't know whether I care or not. Am terrified about rising food prices/energy prices.

I am in excellent health otherwise - slim and sporty. However I look awful. I look my age and am invisible and dull.

Shall I just carry on whinging or shall I get to the point?

How can I help myself out of this? Supplements? Life-changing literature by self-help gurus?

Or do I need the GP?

I had PND over a decade ago. I know the signs and I'm nothing like that. I'm just very, very low.

What to do? Feel hopeless and negative.

philnteds Fri 10-Jun-11 17:43:15

Hello didn't want your post to go unanswered but you do sound low and 'flat'. Did you have treatment for the PND? Perhaps you are going through a spell of depression. I would suggest either trying something like St John's Wort which lifts the spirit naturally or perhaps go and see the GP and have a chat. Hopelessness and feeling negative are all signs of depression. My GP explains it that my battery is flat so i need re-charging so i take SSRI's. I hadn't taken any for three years and then bang went very downhill quickly so started taking Prozac and feel much more like myself. I don't want to take it forever however and i hope that i can get out and do more exercise and continue to take my vitamin supplements. I hope this has helped a little bit..........

philnteds Fri 10-Jun-11 17:44:43

Also if you have just fallen out with a friend that is bound to make you feel sad. Has the friendship ended or can you reach out to this person? This person might be missing you......

Ooopsadaisy Fri 10-Jun-11 18:38:05

Thanks for your kind words, philnteds.

I've obviously bored the world with my self-indulgent wallowing.

PND - yes, I was hospitalised. It was pretty bad. I had meds for a while - can't remember what - but I think I did the recovery myself, rather than the pills.

Amazingly, have received lovely letter from the friend, expressing concern that I am not myself and also addressing the issues we fell out over. Says she loves me and that distance between us is upsetting her as she knows I need support right now.

Feel happy about friend, but still very (and you used a good word for it) - "flat".

Think problems may also be related to hormones as I have always had problems there (should have mentioned that but was aware I was going on a bit!). I need something to balance me.

Perhaps I do need the GP.

marriedsingleparent Fri 10-Jun-11 20:43:09

OP, you have pretty much described me in your opening post.
I have tried ADs but no help, and have tried St Johns Wort too, but no luck.
I am considering going back to GP to ask for referral for counselling or a differnt AD. But I am terrified that he/she will just laugh me out of the surgery and basically tell me to pull myself together and stop wasting his/her time. Thus I keep putting it off.
Hope you find a solution, good luck.

Ooopsadaisy Fri 10-Jun-11 20:58:32

Have been told about Femibion Balance.

Have just bought a box whilst out shopping.

I looked at St Johns Wort but it said something about not using it while using contraception. I have a Mirena coil. Wasn't sure if I should risk it? Anyone know if I can?

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