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Anxiety - what helps/ed you.

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yetmoregrief Sun 05-Jun-11 09:15:08

If you have time to read my essay blush and can tell me what (meds or otherwise) helped you I would really appreciate it.

Looking at the I would say that I am suffering from anxiety. Lots of financial worries, single mum, job insecurity etc. I have had depression in the past twice and I find this time I feel very different.

I get jelly legs, wake up in the night with a general sense of dread, I watch DVDs over and over to "switch off". I often have a dry mouth. I find it hard to relax, I am irritable, comfort-eat and just generally not me IYSWIM.

This is not a stealth boast post but, I work hard at work, get the kids to school on time every day, feed them (mostly) healthy food (me too, just overeat sweet stuff as well). I really limit booze (only ever drink with meals anyway) because anything over 2 glasses makes me feel down the next day.

I am applying to study to get a professional qualification to really improve my financial status, when I got a CTC/WTC investigation letter (random selection not personal), the first thing I did after putting the kids to bed was to spreadsheet the whole thing with the receipts, staying up till midnight to do it. I control my finances carefully. I always know what I have in the bank (not much)

None of the above two paragraphs suggests depression to me. It's all active, taking control and looking forward. I know that I am not worthless but I am facing some big challenges. I really don't think I am depressed. I think I am anxious. Having had depression in the past (self-harm, drinking too much, not wanting to leave the house), I think I know the difference. I do have low self-esteem but I kind of understand why and work hard (had CBT in the past) to address this.

I've been to the GP who took the usual 7 minutes and prescribed Prozac, but researching this it seems it is more for OCD type anxiety.

countrylover Sun 05-Jun-11 12:18:09

Hello - it sounds as if you're doing a great job of looking after your family and the household. Seriously, you deserve a massive pat on the back for everything you're doing...single handedly too.

I was the same as you in that I didn't think I was depressed as such after having my two DC's. My problem was severe anxiety which then led to depression as it's pretty miserable having to deal with panic attacks and that feeling of dread day after day isn't it?

Of course I was diagnosed with PND but looking back I can see that it all started with anxiety and because I didn't seek help at the beginning, it then led to depression. However when I did finally go to the GP I was prescribed dosulepin which works on the anxiety and the depression. You don't mention if you're having trouble sleeping but it's also excellent for that too.

As I said, I've had two bouts of PND and both times dosulepin has helped me get back on track again. It's an old style anti-depressant (whatever that means) so I don't think it's one GP's prescribe routinely but I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems getting it if you asked for it specifically.

Good luck and remember what I said at the beginning - you're doing a fabulous job already!

TheArmadillo Sun 05-Jun-11 13:33:19

I was on prozac for anxiety (not OCD based). It took the edge of it. But as I was pregnant at the time they were very restricted in what they could proscribe me.

The only thing that has helped long term is the CBT I am having now tbh.

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