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Anti depressents not helping anymore??

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didsnbump Tue 31-May-11 23:53:50

Hi all i really need some help. I was diagnosed with post natal depression last May and given at first Ciltropan. THis helped but made me so tired i struggled to even drive let alone look after 2 kids with a husband in the forces due to go on tour for 6 months. I was given Prozac instead which worked wonders and i felt fab for a long time even after dh went away and i was left fending for myself with two under 3. I had the copper coil fitted in the middle of december just before dh came home for his two weeks RnR. We had the best two weeks ever. Better sex life/libido than i have had since pre baby number one, and just a general good feeling all round.
On his return back to work i found myself more and more struggling with my family life which pre-coil/pre-dh visit i had managed so well with. Husband has since returned home although not to a straight forward life yet due to his work and duties but im feeling more and more like i was pre-being diagnosed (other than my libido). My moods are up and down and my energy levels are all over the place. I can see a pattern with my menstral cycle but being on the copper coil should by rights give me the least interference with hormonal balance so shouldnt hinder my mental state. But to be honest i think its messing it right up. Can any one offer me any words of reassurance, advise or what to do to stop thinking this is all getting to much. Im taking prozac for christ sake what more can i do??????

NanaNina Wed 01-Jun-11 13:48:06

Oh dids - I'm sorry I can't offer advice only to say you need to go back to the GP and tell them about the situation. I had a severe depression last Easter and was in psych ward for 3 months, discharged in July last year. Since then I have had blips or setbacks for almost a year. I can go 2/3/4 weeks being fine and then I descend into depression, and no trigger as far as I can see. The bad days last anything between 2 and 15 days. I am on a high dose of an old fashioned tryclic AD. Conslt psych says the blips are normal and to be expected............hmm great.

I am wondering if you are having the infamous blips or setbacks, but do see the GP again and explain what is happening. I don't see my GP very much because I have a CPN. Maybe you could be referred to counselling via the GP - it is usually 6 weeks of CBT but can be helpful.

Sorry nothing more constructive to say - depression is a horrid horrid illness and you have to experience it to understand it - and it almost defies description doesn't it. It's deceitful too cus it tells you things about yourself that aren't true.

Sending warm wishes and you have to tell yourself "this too will pass" - there is a poster (Nickname Natsyloo) who suffered from really bad PND but is now recovered. She has started a group fro mothers with PND. I am sure if you put a call out to her on this thread she will help - she's realy nice and had lots of ups and downs on the road to recovery from PND.

didsnbump Wed 01-Jun-11 16:13:18

Hi NanaNina- thanks for the response. Ive made an appointment to see my GP on monday. Ive wondered if this might be a blip but its like the bouts of lows are happening more often and worse each time. When im ok im great and so happy with life but other momments i dont want to have do any of it anymore...

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