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Is feeling down and wondering if its the pill I'm using? Or other things....

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extraconfusedhelp Mon 30-May-11 20:42:53

I started taking cilest 3months ago, which is meant to help with my PCOS symptoms.

I'm just feeling really down, lonely and angry.

But Last week I felt great, really positive about life and generally happy.

I'm wondering if its the pill or just my life. Sometimes I do get like this where I have mood swings, can get very annoyed with my poor little dd who is lovely but can be hard work.

I'm just feeling crap. I feel like nobody cares about me and no wonder I keep getting involved with crap men as I feel rubbish.

But last week I started to feel like I'm worth more then what I had been getting from the guy I was seeing and stopped speaking to him as decided I was worth more. But this week I feel fat and rubbish.

My mood changes so quickly, this morning I felt good about myself as I went to the gym and thought well done. Then I went for dinner and ate so much now I feel useless again.

Also I get into melt down moods where i just go off on one for no reason.

I dont know what to do. But will probably feel better in a few days....

Dorje Mon 30-May-11 23:05:20

I just answered you an another post smile but you mention on this one that you are having probs with your dp.

I had seriously no libido on cilest: so much so when I came off it I was amazed at how I was naturally!

But it had it's benefits. No pill is perfect tho.. I was prescribed Dianette for my pcos and I grew massive boobs and lost my drive altogether.

Sometimes having a DC can be tough with or without the pill.
Be easy on yourself! Have a chat with your GP - do you think you might have blood sugar highs and lows - that can cause mood swings... Have you had your blood sugar checked?

bubaluchy Sat 04-Jun-11 20:38:42

Hi there, I have had the same feelings on any kind of hormonal contraceptive, I remember microgynon (sp) turned me into an a sexual jekyl and hyde for over a year

, Then when I came off it and my natural happiness came back again I was able to see what had been causing all my depression and ultimately led to my relationship ending (poor guy)

Then I tried Yasmin, after just four days I was knocked to the floor I felt so low and as if no one cared and just in a grey bubble.
I now just use condoms and its fine, Im super diciplined with my DP.

we can take for granted how sensitive our bodies are to these hormone cocktails.

Good luck with it

fiddlydee Tue 07-Jun-11 11:12:47

I have trouble with the pill and depression. Anything with northisterone in it has a terrible effect on me. Something has obviously made you think it might be the pill and we are often right about our own bodies. It is worth speaking to your GP about swapping pills. They all have slightly different ingredients. Just don't suddenly stop taking it and get pregnant - that would probably not help! smile

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