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Driving and MH

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APieOfButter Sat 28-May-11 17:36:23

First off, I don't even have a licence (well, I have a provisional that I had so I could get a little 125cc motorbike when I was a teenager, but it is registered to my maiden name, 5 addresses ago and I don't know where it is) and I have no access to any vehicles, so this is entirely theorectical.

what is the situation with driving and mental health? FWIW, I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be safe to drive, even just because of my medication, I get LR mobility because I can't do going to unfamiliar places, as well as MR care for the fact that I'm rubbish at taking pills and can very very quickly go off the rails from a standing start, my last episode of psychosis was less than a month ago (although mild), my last full on mania with a (tempory) section) was in Febuary, and my medication is still being messed with, plus I've been in a kind of mixed state for weeks now. BUT, would I actually get my licence taken off me, physically? (If I had one?) I'm presuming I would be legally regarded as unfit to drive?

Would my doctor report me, or would it be my responsibilty? I'm just thinking, if I was full on manic, I would probably ignore such things, so is there a safeguard in place to make sure people with serious MH issues don't drive, or do they just trust the person? Because when I am "normal" I look and behave, well, normal, so there would be nothing to make me stand out.

In the process of applying for a bus pass, so it's kind of playing on my mind.

What if I suddenly dug out my provisional and started driving lessons now?

madmouse Sat 28-May-11 20:42:53

It is first of all your responsibility to stay off the road when you are not fit to drive. Your doctor can if they deem it necessary write to the DVLA to inform them that they do not consider you fit to drive.

APieOfButter Sun 29-May-11 11:12:51

Cool, thanks. I was starting to worry I should have handed in my provisional driving licence somewhere (which would be difficult as I have no idea where it is!)

It's really difficult to find out all this practical stuff. Anything online is really basic, or you have to dig loads to find the official documents for professionals. It's the same with the actual medical info - leaflets are too basic, books are too woo, and the medical papers are too complex and assume too much prior information. There should be info for the vaguely intelligent layman.

GetDownYouWillFall Tue 31-May-11 17:29:43

You have to inform the DVLA if you have a serious medical condition / and or on any medication. They pass the info to their medical team who gets in touch with your doctor or psychiatrist. It's best to declare it, as you don't want to risk getting into trouble.

When I declared my PND I was still allowed to drive, but got put on a 1 year renewable licence, so basically they checked with my doctor once a year in order to renew my licence. Now that I am well I have been put on a 4 year licence I think.

Have a look here medical information DVLA

APieOfButter Wed 01-Jun-11 23:56:58

Would I still need to declare it for an unused provisional? I'm hoping to learn to drive one day, so obviously don't want to do anything wrong, but it does seem daft, and another million forms to fill out.

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