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Morbid thoughts

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MerryMemoo Wed 25-May-11 11:19:13

had a shit few days trying to sort out the finacial mess that I'm in.

Feel so crappy today. Keep thinking about taking a walk down to the canal and just throwing myself in.

My CPN is coming out at 2pm but getting through these 3 hours seems impossible.

Need to feed dd but can't organise my head enough to go and do it. She us fine at the moment, watching tv and playing with her toys.

MerryMemoo Wed 25-May-11 11:57:41

Made dd some cheese on toast for lunch

Have had it now, just wish I had someone to leave her with so I could go and jump in the canal

greencolorpack Wed 25-May-11 12:03:02

Watch telly and take your mind off yourself. Put on a DVD.

blushingm Wed 25-May-11 21:22:22

merry - are you ok......did the cpn come?

madmouse Thu 26-May-11 07:39:58

memoo how's things? x

MerryMemoo Thu 26-May-11 11:42:25

CPN cancelled yesterday is suppose to be phoning today but nothing yet.

Feel like absolute shit. Every thought I have is about killing myself. Trying to just ride it out and keep telling myself it will pass.

kizzie Fri 27-May-11 12:09:34

How are you today Memoo ?
Have you heard from the CPN yet? Just keep telling yourself that - 'this too will pass.'

Im sorry things still so tough - thinking of you x

skybluepearl Wed 01-Jun-11 21:44:03

finances are a nightmare but even if the worst happens - you still have everything to live for. your little girl. you are right all this finance stuff will pass. in a few months this will be a distant memory. is there anyone you can talk to? samaritans or a friend?

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