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Emetophobia - is anyone suffering from this??

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pinky27 Tue 24-May-11 20:25:30

Hiya, I know that there is another emeophobia thread on this website but wanted to start a new one cos the other has stopped. Just wondered how everyone is doing out there who has emetophobia? Since having my first baby mine escalated and really struggled even to leave the house. However, since then ( 6 months ago) - I have been taking medication ( citralopram and quetiapine) - even though I was very scared at first about the side effects they really have helped me. I also have been having hypnotherapy with David Samson in London ( he has a website specifically for emetophobia and also runs seminars) - it seems to be really helping and I have found out the route cause of my phobia (it doesn't seem to be linked to sickness at all). I still struggle to do certain things and have lost lots of weight cos of my very restricted diet but at least I am leading a more "normal life" now! Just wondered how everyone else is getting on who have posted on here before about emetophobia?? Feel quite passionate about spreading the word about this phobia because to me it seems to be the "silent phobia" e.g. one one talks about it and if you do talk about it people look at you weirdly - not like if you have fear of say Spiders or flying which people talk about openly and without embarrasment. I don't know how to spread the word but if anyone has any ideas, it would be useful?? Thanks. From Pinky x smile

scaredmummy Fri 27-May-11 20:45:51

yes, me!

stressedbutluvem Sat 28-May-11 15:59:13

Hi. Yep put me back on the list. Started when DC2 was 5 weeks old six and a half years ago and DH was poorly a few days before Christmas, completely freaked me out. Have been under the perinatal team before and after DC3 and been seeing a psychologist for over a year, got one session left.She insists it is OCD not phobia but whatever; the fear is the same. Always gets worse when the kids are small and in winter. Just had DC4 6 days ago, was really pleased to finally be having a summer baby as I hoped I could enjoy one without the stress of the risky winter months but got a text this morning saying my brothers family are ill and my dad - bless him has been between the 2 houses so Im panicking like mad.All the mums at school are desparate to see baby and hold him and sports day etc are all coming up; I was twitchy in the first place about him going public but now I have it in my head something is going round it's very definately avoidance city time. DH being brilliant but feel really guilty because parents have said they wont come round again until I tell them they can. I know it's all OTT but I just dont see how I could cope if we all got ill and have the baby too so it's like batton down the hatches and get into the bunker time! My pyschologist is sooo going to sack me.

ellenjames Sat 28-May-11 22:10:25

stressed, i had similar situation to what your worrying about! The day dc3 was born my dd aged 3 came down with rotavirus, which was awful she was poorly for 5 days, which to me is long for a sick bug! Then just as she recovered ds1 aged 2 came down with it for another 5 days and then dh had to go back to work as that was his 2 weeks gone!
It was horrid and caused me to now have this fear, as never had it before. I had a complete breakdown at 6 weeks postnatal, awful awful time.
But i am no longer on antid's and cope with the bugs but still think about them getting poorly all the time! It is soul destroying sad

ellenjames Sat 28-May-11 22:11:27

meant to say ds2 is now 2yrs 2 months x

stressedbutluvem Sun 29-May-11 11:20:29

Thanks Ellen. Really dont know how you coped. To be honest think I would have refused to leave the hospital.They wouldnt give me medication because I was BFing so no idea if it would have helped or not. All my psycholgist says is you never did all these things when DD1 was little (now 16) and your family werent constantly unwell so why are these safegaurds necessary now but my vigilance is up now and everything feels an unacceptable risk. You are so right it completely overwhelms you - but my DH doesnt think I am as bad as before so I will hold onto that. take care

PaigeTurner Thu 02-Jun-11 20:13:12

Me too. Have suffered since I was 4, at 32 I ate something that didn't agree with me and suffered PTSD as a result, had a few CBT sessions which helped with the agoraphobia and panic attacks which were a result of the 'episode'. Also listened to Paul McKenna Instant Confidence CDs every day for three weeks and they helped enormously.

Conceived accidentally in less than ideal cicumstances last year,previously had no desire for DC due to my phobia and after a lot of tears decided to go ahead... Had ms (nausea only) for 20 weeks, it was HELL.

Was offered ELCS on mental health team's recommendation due to risk of PTSD which was fabulous, except for the anethestist asking me about my phobia as I was sitting on the table and me passing out with fear talking about it - think he felt bad, offered me a GA!!

Sorry been rambling on, but don't get much chance to discuss in rl as not many people understand. Thanks for the link to David Samson, off to google him now!

PS: have been fine with DS so far (5 months) but dreading solid food and bugs!!

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