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sertraline & sex

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blushingm Tue 24-May-11 11:06:14

hi - firstly sorry if there is tmi in this post

i've been on sertraline for a couple of weeks and have noticed my sex drive has been tailing off

anyway dh and i were getting amourous last night and no matter what we tried i couldnt manage to get to orgasm. dh normally gets me there so easily - i was just wondering if it was possible that the sertraline could be almost dulling down the feelings iykwim? and if it is will it be like this the whole time i am on them or is it just one of those side affects that go away??

me and dh went through a period of no sex due to him needing surgery on his willy and then a lack of confidence so i dont want anything to stop us getting back to a normal sex life

fiddlydee Wed 25-May-11 12:39:13

Hi there

I'm sorry to tell you that this is a very common side effect of all ADs. I have tried four different ones due to various side effects but they all had the same sexual problems attached. I think it is due to them relaxing your brain so much.

My situation sounds very similar you yours, I want sex but just cannot orgasm. I made the decision that I was better to be on the ADs and to want to be with my husband and want him to touch me but just not reach orgasm than to be able to orgasm but hate my husband!

One thing that helped me was to just give up on trying to reach orgasm. I had sex for the pure enjoyment of being close to my husband and didn't even try to climax. I found that some of the time it then worked. The less I worry about it the more likely I am to be able to orgasm. Sorry if this is TMI but these things are important to us mums! Have you tried to orgasm on your own? For some strange reason I can always manage that still although it does take longer. That is always an option to minimise the frustration. TMI!!!

It might be worth trying a different AD but this does seem to be a major issue with the majority of them. Sorry.


strawberry17 Tue 31-May-11 19:17:01

Yes sadly this absolutely is a side effect of AD's, I tried many different ones but for me they were all the same sad

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