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PND dip - please reassure me

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pleasethanks Tue 24-May-11 09:07:27

Having been doing well with my PND for the past 3 months (since seeking treatment) I feel I am on a downhill slide and back to square one. Can anyone reassure me it will clear and help me by telling what I can do to help me through it?

thanks, I feel I am on the edge here

lottieloulou Tue 24-May-11 12:41:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pleasethanks Tue 24-May-11 16:45:38

Thanks for your helpful reply.

I am taking ADs and counselling. I suspect the dip has been brought on from me having the flu and my baby having a stomach upset for a week or so and being a little unsettled.

NanaNina Tue 24-May-11 20:09:33

pleasethanks - I am not a young mum with PND but a grandmother. I have been struggling to recover from a major episode of depression last Easter and am still not fully recovered. I can go 6 weeks being fine (the old me) and then along comes a blip and down I go for anything between 2 and 15 days (the 15 day one only happened once). My psych has increased my meds with no improvement.

I think PND is different and you are likely to get better quicker as your hormones settle etc but blips or setbacks I'm afraid are the nature of the beast. I have a lovely CPN and she tells me it's how I cope with the blips that is important. That sounds rational when I am ok but when the blip comes it's horrid. I do try not to get into the negative spiralling thoughts as I know this makes me worse.

There was a young mum on here (nickname Natsyloo) who suffered from PND and had quite a few setbacks and was worried because her friend with PND was better before she was..........she set up a group for mums with PND. She is fully recovered now and back at work, so she doesn't come on that often, but she does now and then. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you putting a call out for her - you know a thread "Calling Natsyloo" - she's lovely and I'm sure would be able to help you.

Lottie's post is very helpful too.
Sending warm wishes and stay away from thinking "I am back to square 1" but instead "I am having a blip and it will pass" because it will.

didsnbump Wed 01-Jun-11 00:03:51

I was diagnosed with Pnd a year ago and although mixed around to find the right meds for me, once it had been found and i had a few months of feeling good it was put on repeat perscription and not seen anyone since. Since then ive been all over the place and not sure why or what i can do about it because the last time i spoke to my gp about it she said the next increase of your ad's is for those with eating disorders. Yeah ok that dont help me thanks alot!!!!!!! help advise need coz sometimes i look at my two gorgeous ds's but just want to run away from them ??????????

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