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CBT - did it help you?

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IckleJess Thu 30-Dec-10 23:09:38

I have a number of 'issues' mainly anxiety, possibly PND, traits associated with OCD too.

I really want things to change but I'm reluctant to take Ad's alone as i'm sure i'd benefit more from talking about the reasons behind my problems. I wonder if CBT could help me? would like to hear
positive, and negative if there are any, stories of how it worked for you and if it was worth it.

I'm on phone at the moment so apologies for lack of details, but wanted to start a thread whilst it's on my mind iykwim, will come back to it in the morning on laptop.

TheBrandyButterflyEffect Thu 30-Dec-10 23:14:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

headinclouds101 Sat 01-Jan-11 12:46:57

bump - because I was going to post a question on this too.
I was particularly thing about CBT to change habits and counter productive behaviour patterns.

NanaNina Sat 01-Jan-11 14:15:10

Agree with the BrandyButterfly - I suffered a severe depression last year (ooh sounds good to say last year!) and was in hospital for months. I am still not fully recovered though well on the way. I have a wonderful CPN (community psychiatric nurse) who visits me weekly and introduced me to the concepts of CBT. It isn't a magic bullet, nor a cure BUT I certainly have found it helpful, and it is a very uncomplicated theory, which is useful.

Have to say I found it much more easy to understand and get used to the theory when I was feeling well, but when the blips come along I find it harder (and that of course is the very time when you need it) - to turn your negative thoughts to more balanced ones, so making you feel less awful and give you a little motivation to distract yourself with an activity, rather than going round and round with thoughts like "Oh my god this is awful, and it is never going away and I can't handle it any more" making me feel much worse and just wanting to duvet dive (which is NOT a good thing) and then back to the negative thoughts etc,

I DO now make myself practice the CBT way when I feel down. I write down the helpful way and the unhelpful way and know I have a choice and it usually works for me.

CBT is very much about the "here and now" and does not delve into your background, which may of course be the root cause of our troubles.

There is a therapy called CAT (cognitive analytical therapy, which is a combination of cognitive (thinking) like CBT but also having a look at our early life experiences and childhood etc, so combining th "here and now" with the "then and There" - have only just started so can't really comment.

Do hope you get the help you need, but if you have PND and anxiety I would not rule out meds as they can be very helpful.

There is also a therapy (which I have only just started) called CAT

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