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Just wanted to everyone on the Mental health board

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MemooMerrilyOnHigh Fri 24-Dec-10 09:22:54

This year has been without doubt the worst year of my whole life but it is nearly over and I'm still here and probably a lot stronger than I have ever been.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on this board. I have had so much support and wise words and I seriously don't think I'd have made it through without you. You are the most amazing and courageous people I have ever had the priviledge to 'meet' and i thank each and every one of you.

I know things are hard, we all face a constant daily battle that is probably even worse at this time of year but I hope you all manage to find some comfort and peace this Christmas and that 2011 is a better year for all of us xx

Really wanted to end this with a witty joke about a Mental Elf but can't think of one grin

kizzie Sat 25-Dec-10 20:45:29

You too Memoo. You are one strong mnetter. Merry Christmas xxx

Lulumaam Sat 25-Dec-10 20:52:08

you've come through this all still smiling and with your sense of humour. you're one helluva brave lady. x

Eleison Sat 25-Dec-10 20:59:46

Lovely post. I want to reward it by finding the witty Mental Elf joke, but all that I can think of is that he was committed to a Santa-orium, suffering from Polar disorder.

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