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Can someone help give me some perspective please?

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ksld Fri 17-Dec-10 13:21:49

Have put this in Mental Health as I am suffering with some anxiety at the moment, and know I have lost perspective on when things are a problem, or when I am making them into a problem.

So I bought the DCs a second hand games console which a friend of a friend was able to get working for me. The friend we both know was due to pick it up this weekend to get it back to me in time for Christmas. The friend can no longer do this, so the other person (whom I don't know) is going to post it to the house where we are having Christmas. I know there is a week until Christmas but I just feel sick with anxiety about whether the present is going to make it on time, if at all. What do I do if it goes missing/gets caught up and not delivered? The DCs are too small to understand not getting a present from me. I don't have any money left to get them something else as the money left in the kitty is for petrol to get to family.

So am I right to be worrying, and what can I do to put it right? Or am I being stupid and it will all be fine?

ConstanceWearing Fri 17-Dec-10 13:46:14

Most people understand the importance of Christmas to a child, and would knock themselves out to make sure it was there for your DCs (I hope). Even so, the fear of it not arriving on time would be making me feel sick, especially because the snow is threatening to be evil. Are you able to contact the 'friend of your friend', and ask if they could post it special delivery, and you return the cost, perhaps? I know money is tight for everyone, but I'll send you the postage myself if necessary!

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