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I feel trapped.

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thinkofanamechange Wed 15-Dec-10 14:18:44

The DVLA have revoked my licence after I (stupidly in hindsight) informed them of a psychotic episode. (3+ weeks in a psychaitric ward)

I've also been diagnosed with major depression, which the doctor told dvla would impair my driving.

I need a stable mental state for 3 months before I can get my licence back.

A big part of the reason for being ill is that I hate my house. I feel so isolated here, i just hate it. Now I'm stuck in this house with nothing to do, noone to see, I have no friends anywhere near, not that I have many anyway.

I cant talk to DH anymore, he just glosses over everything saying it'll all be ok ... well it wont!

I just want to get the hell out of here, move back in with my Mum, change DSs school and try and rebiuld my life.

I understand why I've been banned from driving, but I'm just feeling very sorry for myself at the moment.

I want to leave DH because I'm so unhappy. In a way, this depression is worse than the psychosis.

greenanna Thu 23-Dec-10 02:10:52

noticed that this hasn't been answered yet. You're not alone - I know what you mean about isolation and lack of friends. And wanting a new start, somewhere else.
Men can be like that - glossing over things but maybe your DH feels things more deeply than he appears to? I try to give mine the benefit of the doubt, telling myself that he's human after all.

The 3 months will pass - you'll drive again soon.

Counselling for you and DH? Together - talking and planning together?

Could you stay with your Mum for a while, are DSs young enough to come with you and be out of school for a while? Rest of the Christmas holiday? Any chance you could rebuild your life at home with DH or could, practically, you both do it somewhere else?

Take good care of yourself.

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