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Citaolpram and alcohol

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fiddlydee Tue 14-Dec-10 12:16:33

Does anyone have any experiences they can share about Citaloram and alcohol? I used to enjoy a glass of wine (really, just one glass) a few nights a week. I have cut this down to one very small glass on a friday and saturday night but I am still wondering if this is too much. I am in the middle of a blib and cannot work out if the alcohol is effecting me. I know the best thing would be just not to drink at all but the occassional glass helps me to relax and awful as it sounds, I really don't want to have to become completely teetotal.

EldritchCleavage Tue 14-Dec-10 13:01:11

The two did not mix for me (it cancelled out the ADs leaving me feeling awful until the next day, but I'm alcohol-sensitive anyway).

The advice I got given in hospital was not to drink regularly or in anything but small amounts. A few nights a week would be too much and no more than a small glass on the occasions we did drink.

If you are in a blip I really would cut alcohol out now and see if you feel a bit better. Best to do it for a week now and allow yourself something at Christmas.


KalokiMallow Wed 15-Dec-10 01:59:22

I'm ok on it, but it does vary person to person, and also depends how high a dose you are on. Also I second what Eldritch said, if you are in a blip, alcohol is a depressant so not the best idea

feelingcrappy Wed 15-Dec-10 08:58:34

Hi ladies, I've been on Cit. for a couple of months - 20mg and now 40mg for last week. I'm really missing drinking - I would always have 1 or 2 glasses of wine most nights. Managed this fine on the lower dosage but then had a blip and medication was doubled to 40mg. Haven't dared drink on this new prescription yet - still feeling anxious and don't want to fuel it, need to feel like i'm on an even keel before I hit the booze - actually don't fancy drinking unless I'm in a good mood. But I must admit it's become a bit of a thing for me - I'm sure the thought of not being able to drink almost contributes to my anxiety.

EldritchCleavage Wed 15-Dec-10 11:06:50

Stick with the non-drinking, feeling. ADs put quite an extra load on the kidneys, I'm told, so ADs plus alcohol do tax your body.
Sometimes it's breaking the social habit/home routine that's hard, as much as anything.

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