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Scarred for life?

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poshsinglemum Tue 30-Nov-10 23:27:11

I have posted about my seriously abusive relationship about ten years ago.
The problem is that I keep obsessing about it. I always think ''if only I'd never met him. How could I stay with him?'' So in effect the abuse continues.

I don't want the past to ruin my life. I have had cbt but it hadsn't helped. I just feel so hurt and humiliated by what happened. (He controlled what I ate and brain washed me with all sorts of woo shit). I just feel so stuck and damaged.

madmouse Wed 01-Dec-10 07:45:28

Sorry you are still going through this.

Bit of a brief post as I'm off to work but I think you may need more than CBT. CBT is great for changing thought patterns and learning coping techniques but in abuse recovery its effectiveness is overrated.

I would recommend - if you can face it - some old fashioned talk therapy preferably with a therapist/counsellor with experience in abuse survivors.

It sounds like you have come a long way and really only need a nudge to be free and you so deserve it!

MissTired Wed 01-Dec-10 17:56:19

it might be worth contacting womens aid for our area, in our area they do a survivors group xx

lilyliz Fri 03-Dec-10 16:58:30

I agree with Misstired womens aid deals with lots of stuff not just refuges,you can find your local group in the phone book.

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