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Insomnia - is this PND?

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elsiewoo Mon 29-Nov-10 08:19:25

I have been suffering with pretty chronic insomnia for about 6 weeks now. Can't get off to sleep at night and if I do, I wake very quickly. I have a 4 mo ds, who still wakes for feeds in the night (I am bfing).

I am currently running on empty, and not sure how many more sleepless nights I can handle.

I have seen my gp, who concluded I have PND, although I don't have any other obvious symptoms.

Has anyone else had PND which manifested itself in sleeplessness only? How did you get through? Will ADs help me? I can't have sleeping tabs because of breastfeeding.

Thanks for reading.

SuzannePetal Mon 29-Nov-10 09:52:19

I suffer with stress and anxiety. I too have terrible problems getting to sleep. For me my trouble is i have so many thoughts bounce through my mind i just can't relax and get off to sleep. My d is 17months. Anti depressants are drugs to be careful with and its important you have the right type and right dosage. Maybe it would be helpful to see your doctor again. I am on Quetiapine for my anxiety and they really do help now i have been taking them a few months and the dosage is right. To help me sleep the doctor has prescribed Zopiclone and they really do help. Maybe your doctor can prescribe some Zopiclone or something similar to help you. I have experience of being on the wrong anti depressants and have had awful side effect from sickness, more tiredness in the day time and severe mood swings. Its important you have been prescribed the right ones. If your not happy with your tablets or dosage definatly see your doctor. It might be worth seeing a few different doctors as some are better in this area than others. Cognetive behavioral therapy might be beneficial to you. I saw one and she was really lovely. Your doctor can refer you. Sometimes a lavender bath helps relax me before bed. Try candles and Insence sticks too. Classical music is very relaxing at bedtime for mother and baby. I hope what I've said helps a little

BeckyBendyLegs Mon 29-Nov-10 16:49:25

Elsiewoo you are describing me last January and I was diagnosed with PND. I didn't feel depressed at all, just anxious and suffering from insomnia (please join the insomnia thread on here if you feel you need support - there are a few others of us there who have been through a similar experience). I've got over it (nearly) with Paul McKenna on my ipod, herbal tablets, vitamin b tablets which help with sleep, and perservance. It's not nice and I feel for you. I'm much, much better now (10 months later).

elsiewoo Mon 29-Nov-10 17:12:47

Thanks so much for your replies. I genuinely don't feel depressed, just completely exhausted in a way I have never experienced. Thanks for the tips Becky - I may come and join your thread as some support would be really good at the moment. I'm trying some natural therapies myself, reflexology, lavender, bachs and some homeopathic tablets which I've just found. I don't like the idea of anti-ds as I know they can cause sleep issues themselves.

BeckyBendyLegs Mon 29-Nov-10 17:21:17

Elsiewoo that is exactly how I was! I was perscribed prozac after a visit to the GP and I didn't react well to it and on day 3 I had a reality check and thought 'I'm not depressed, what am I doing taking these pills?' I found them quite scary to be honest. I also took some homeopathic pills (I actually saw a homeopath) and they did help me a lot too - coculus I think is what I took which are supposed to help with frequent wakings and light sleep. I think Paul McKenna has helped me the most though - he's my hero! I have one bad night per two weeks or so now, which is copable I think. It's been a gradual recovery - and I still suffer from anxiety on and off - but it doesn't last forever. Last January I was an exhausted mess, but I wasn't depressed at all. It does get better.

elsiewoo Mon 29-Nov-10 17:31:12

That's great to know you got through without the anti-ds, I was hoping someone would say that! I'm trying to stay positive at the moment, but the last few nights have been horrific so it's been tough, but I know I will conquer it eventually!

arcadia96 Mon 29-Nov-10 20:51:44

Hi elsiewoo I was very similar too and like Becky have been a regular on the insomnia thread.
I had a very traumatic birth and first week after the birth of health worries about DD and it seemed to trigger the terrible insomnia, which resulted in sleeplessness which gave me 'symptoms' of depression however those symptoms would disappear literally overnight if i did manage to sleep well.
So I'm still not sure and still flirt with the idea of ADs but have managed without.
Use hardcore prescription sleeping pills such as zopiclone very cautiously and sparingly as they give you poor quality sleep and you can feel groggy afterwards, but they are good to have in reserve so you know you will get a night's sleep once in a while.
I found nytol really helpful (and another over the counter pill called sominex) - not the herbal kind but the sedating anti-hystamine variety (from any pharmacy).
Aah sorry just read you are breastfeeding - i went on to bottles at three weeks partly because of the sleep issue but you could always switch to bottles if you really can't manage without something to help you sleep (though obviously there are loads of advantages to breastfeeding).
Or you could express and get someone else to do the nights once in a while and you may find it easier to switch off?
Anyway DD is 12 months now and my sleep has got gradually better.
Don't worry too much I slept hardly at all for the first few weeks and somehow I coped.
Good luck smile

lu9months Tue 30-Nov-10 13:03:32

I was in a very similar situation for several months after my DD was born - I couldnt sleep at all, and was exhausted , though not depressed. sleeping tablets didnt help. in the end , I gave up breast feeding (I was ready to stop at 5 months, and she was hungry and unsettled), and took an anti-anxiety tablet prescribed by the GP called escitalopram (didnt really feel anxious). I was amazed how brilliantly it worked - within 24 hours I could sleep all night, and I felt full of energy, and back to my old self again. I had been unkeen to try medication, but it was fantastic for me, so please dont rule it out if you are still suffering once you stop BF. good luck!

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