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What is it about me that people find so easy to abuse?

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poshsinglemum Sun 21-Nov-10 22:35:03

I'm having a bit of a down period at the moment and I am focussing on all the people who have been mean. (Although there have been others who have been nice. )

At school I was very shy and didn't stand up for myself when pisked on. Now in adult life I can stand up for myself but I just don't get why people want to be mean in the first place.

AuraofDora Sun 21-Nov-10 22:38:23

there isnt enough time in this life to ponder on why people are mean, mainly I would think cos they can be.. j
ust try and deal with them as best you can, label as twats, avoid them and move on..

try not to focus on the negative folks in the past or present, they dont deserve that much of your head space, really, they dont

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