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Trying to swim; but sinking.

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poshsinglemum Sun 29-Aug-10 22:05:53

I feel awful. Mum has cancer and I'm scared. I'm also scared because I'm so crap with money and I want to build a better future for my daughter instead of spending it on crap.
I have been down all summer because of mum and doctor won't pescribe me ad.

Jaybird37 Mon 30-Aug-10 16:32:59

Hi Posh,

I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time.

Firstly, give yourself a break. It is would be weird if you did not feel down under the circumstances.

For help with you anxiety about your Mum you can contact Marie Curie here for their carer's support and support for family.

For advice on saving money there are lots of threads in Mumsnet. Look in the Credit Crunch topics for items like this one

Exercise is proven to be almost as good as anti-depressants or cognitive behavioural therapy for mild depression (which is not mild at all if you are suffering from it).

Relaxation techniques - you can get them on tape - will help with the panic attacks, but you have to practice with them.

If you feel suicidal, are losing stacks of weight or not sleeping then go back to your GP.

Thinking of you

NanaNina Mon 30-Aug-10 17:43:53

Feeling "down" because of your mother's ill health is perfectly understandable, but ADs won't help as they are prescribed for moderate to severe depression which you don't seem to have.

Can you afford to have counselling about the stress you are suffering because of your mother's illness and maybe the scare of her dying (which I assume is on your mind) because I think this is the best way forward for you.
I think Jaybird is giving good advice.

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