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Still bothered by stuff that happened 12 years ago

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chocolatestar Sun 29-Aug-10 09:33:44

All I can think is why ffs? I had thearpy, five years of it. And it still bothers me 12 years on. I feel pathetic. This week I have had two nightmares about it and I am just so bloody sick of it. I used to be able to talk to friends about it but not anymore because it is so long ago now.

I don't understand why I can't let it go or move on from it. Why it hurts so much after all this time. I really want it to be done with and I try to bury it most of the time but it always come back up again.

I have run out of ideas, I don't know how to get rid of it.

Nannytwotimes Sun 29-Aug-10 17:48:03

I don't know what has happened to you 12 years ago but if, after 5 years of therapy, you are still hurting then you need to try something different.
Do go to your GP and ask for help.
There are many types of therapy - it's finding the right person or treatment which is important.
Don't give up.

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