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Postnatel Anxiety

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dingdongmrs Fri 27-Aug-10 10:26:51

Hi everyone,

I had my youngest 10 months ago and my postnatel anxiety started when she was just a day old. although the anxiety is getting better each month when my hormones settle a little more each month i still struggle with it when my hormones are at a high, ie when my monthly is due. i thought id start this thread to see if anyone else is suffering with postnatel anxiety, as its horrible and would be nice to meet other mums in the same boat!

BeckyBendyLegs Fri 27-Aug-10 10:36:25

Hi there, my youngest is nearly ten months old too and I have postnatal anxiety. It's horrible, isn't it? Do you take anything for it / do anything to help?

dingdongmrs Fri 27-Aug-10 10:41:51

Hi Becky,

Yes it is horrle, its knowing that you arent really anxious about things but you cant control feeling anxious that i hate most. i get anxious about silly things that wouldnt normally bother me, like today i had a panic attack about limescale in the kettle thinking it would kill me!! its annoying. no i dont take anything for it. my gp prescribed me fluxotine (prozac) but i refused to take it and went to another doctor who tole me as its postnatel it will get better on its own in time. i have noticed it has got an awful lot better. when it first started i was in tears every night scared to sleep because i was convinced i was going to die if i closed my eyes! now i only really get attacks when im due my period so its obvious thats its mainly my hormones which cause it, but its horrible when youve been ok for a few days and then it suddenly hits you again.

do you take anything for it? or get any kind of help? how is yours now your little one is ten months, has it got a bit better for you?

BeckyBendyLegs Fri 27-Aug-10 10:52:41

Weirdly I was perscribed prozac too and took it for three days and hated it so much that I stopped. My main symptom is anxiety over getting enough sleep, stupid I know, and general anxiety. Little things set my insomnia off such as DS1 staying over at a friend's house or something. Mine is worse around my period too and I take Magnesium OK tablets and omega fish oils, which do seem to help a lot. Mine has got a lot better over time too - but still not competely better and I have sudden downs which are really annoying me as I keep convincing myself I am better. I was doing so well recently - DH even went away for a few nights and I coped really well - but bad this week

dingdongmrs Fri 27-Aug-10 10:59:01

yes exactly thats what mines like but mine is based around health anxiety so anything that can harm you freaks me out, even things that cant freak me! i take multi vitimins which seems to help a little. i do think sleep can be a factor too though, if im tired it does get worse, i sometimes have to have a lay down if its really bad because i cant pull myself out of it but after a sleep i feel better. do you get the physical symptoms too? i get sore eyes, backache,headaches and dizziness when its bad.

BeckyBendyLegs Fri 27-Aug-10 11:41:42

I grind my teeth in my sleep so I often wake up with a sore jaw. I sometimes get headaches, usually when I'm feeling less anxious as if the tension is coming out and giving me headaches. Generally though, so long as I am sleeping well, I feel really healthy albeit with a general background anxiety.

LucindaCarlisle Fri 27-Aug-10 12:18:37

You can get some sort of Gum shield from your dentist to protect your teeth from teeth grinding.

BeckyBendyLegs Fri 27-Aug-10 12:23:00

Is it a common symptom then? I've always done it when I'm stressed even if I don't think I am stressed, if that makes sense.

LucindaCarlisle Fri 27-Aug-10 12:29:17

I do not know whether it is common, but ask your dentist for a gum shield to wear at night.

dingdongmrs Fri 27-Aug-10 12:42:23

yes it is quite common, i used to do it as a child and was given a gum shield to wear in bed. helped me if i remember rightly. i do it occasionally now if im really stressed, i wake up with a sore jaw or headache. my sinus's play up at the moment and apparently that is an anxiety symptom too. ive just had a cryng fit, feel a little better now. its not nice is it. and to think we got this anxiety because of having somehting so beautiful and amazing!! (our children)

reallytired Fri 27-Aug-10 22:20:07

I had/ have postnatal anxiety. I have been scared of crowds. I find it difficult to sleep and my appertite is reduced. I am been seriously scared that I am going mad.

Witb my son I postnatal depression really badly. I also had anxiety, but it wasn't diagnosed.

I had some real worries, but I was not good at coping with them.

I have found that CBT useful. I haven't had any theraphy on the NHS as my GP won't refer unless I try drugs first. I did try sertaline, but it was a nightmare.

This website is very good.

Ladyem Fri 27-Aug-10 22:30:48


I also suspect that I have been suffering from post natal anxiety since the birth of my son. He just turned 1 last weekend and although it is a little better I am still very anxious and feel as though it has tainted the first year of my son's life. I also have a 3 year old DD, but didn't get this when I had her. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks when I was a teen, so I do have a history, but it is only since DS's birth that it has come back so strongly.

I tried going to my GP, but he just kept asking me if I had an eating disorder (I am very thin due to having very little appetite) and I found it very upsetting that I had plucked up the courage to go and see him and instead I had to sit there defending myself against his accusations. I haven't had the guts to go back. I make appointments and then cancel them an hour before I am due to go.

I am hoping that it will just subside on it's own, although I know this is not likely and I really do need some sort of therapy.

Sorry for the 'me' post. What I actually came on to say was that I know how you are feeling and it is good to be able to talk to others who are experiencing the same thing.

Reallytired - did you go to a private therapist for CBT? Do you mind me asking if it is expensive?

reallytired Fri 27-Aug-10 22:48:01

No, I have never seen a theraphist. I don't have the money.

I have worked through the modules on this website.

This book is very good

Brilliant CBT

I think that self help books/ websites are good because I would hate to tell someone in real life quite how stupid my fears are. I find it much easier to be honest to myself than a computer.

reallytired Fri 27-Aug-10 22:51:13


If you are fearful of going to the doctor then could you write a letter.

It sounds like you were in a similar position to me 8 years ago. I am nowhere near at the moment as ill as I was with my son.

Would you feel more comfortable with a secondary referal to the commmunity mental health team? You would then see a CPN and a pschyarist to sort out support and meds.

Ladyem Fri 27-Aug-10 22:55:23

Thanks for those links, I've had a quick look at the website and the book looks great! I read a lot in the evenings, so I could replace my usual trashy novels with something that will actually help me!! grin

You are right about having to tell someone in RL your deepest fears, I'm not sure I really understand them myself, so trying to tell someone else would be very difficult!

My GP did ring me with this website which has some helpful downloads on it.

Ladyem Fri 27-Aug-10 22:59:04

I'd not thought about writing a letter. Would I just write it to my Dr? I think that would be a better way to put down how I am feeling as I could stop and think about things, where as I just get tongue-tied when I try to articulate it.

reallytired Fri 27-Aug-10 23:15:02

I suggest you write to your doctor. You could then make it clear what you want your doctor to do inorder to best help you.

To write the letter clearly. I suggest that you

1) State the problem.
2) How you feel.
3) What you think you need. Ie. Do you want a secondary referal to the community mental health team, or do you want to be treated by the primary team. (Ie. GP with possibly support from a practice councellor or health visitor)
4) What you hope the outcome would be from the intervention you want.

Its important to ask for what you want your GP to do, rather than letting him second guess.

Or alternatively would you feel comfortable talking to your health visitor and you could ask her to talk to your GP for you.

I hope you get the help that you need.

Ladyem Fri 27-Aug-10 23:35:52

Thank you so much for the advice, Reallytired. I will make sure that I do that as I think that I would feel much more comfortable being treated by the Community mental health team than by my GP.

I will get working on my letter this weekend. smile It feels good to have a plan of action!

Thanks again (and sorry, OP, for the hijack! blush )

dingdongmrs Sat 28-Aug-10 09:10:37

Hi Ladyen and Reallytired,

Im glad you both joined us on this thread, its great to hear from other sufferers, anxiety is an awful thing and support is a nesessity i feel. dont worry Ladyem you havent hijacked the thread, i started it so we could all come here to talk

i was watching a prgramme last night and they were talking about how horses are used to help anxiety. im going to have a look into it today, im guessing the nhs doesnt fund it lol so i will see what it costs ect and report back. its supposed to be really good, horses apparently know us better than we do, they sense our feelings and fears so horse therapy apparently helps us tackle the fears and anxiety, sounds interesting.

i find with my anxiety, i analize everything way too much, like "why do i feel this" whats the worse that can happen" ect ect, i think too much and end up making myself worse, thats what im trying to stop doing now!

Keep posting everyone

BeckyBendyLegs Sat 28-Aug-10 09:15:59

Can you imagine? The NHS funding horse-therapy!!! Oh that would be so cool. I find animals are great for anxiety (even my two cats - except when they jump on me at 3am and purr really loudly in my ear).

Over-thinking - the enemy of anxiety. I thought returning to work would help me. It has a bit, not entirely. I still worry and think too much all the time. It annoys me. I want to learn how to 'go with the flow' again like I used to.

Anyone tried hypnotherapy?

Ladyem Sat 28-Aug-10 09:35:36

Hi dingdong and Becky!

I've had hypnotherapy, which I paid for, not on the NHS. I chose a therapist who was also a psychologist as I didn't want to go to someone who just offered 'alternative' therapies (just doesn't sit right with me for some reason! blush ) and he was fantastic as he combined the two therapies so he gave me ways of thinking differently about things and coping strategies and the hypnotherapy seemed to drive it all home IYSWIM!! I had to have 10 sessions and I'll be honest, it wasn't all pleasant, I had a couple of panic attacks while I was 'under' but it worked and helped me for about 6 years. It only all came back after the birth of my DS. I might look into it again, but am thinking that may be some CBT might help in the short term. Also it cost quite a bit of money and now that I am a SAHM I'm not sure I can afford it!

How are you all feeling today? I'm a little anxious as I have an hour drive to do to my Mum's up the motorway. I'm a confident driver, but I just worry for nothing!! DD will keep me entertained, though. smile

dingdongmrs Sat 28-Aug-10 09:48:18

Morning guys,

I havent tried hypnotherapy, i like being in control (which is why anxiety scares me i think) so i think hypnotherapy would freak me out lol the problem is if you want alternative treatments, so not pills ect then the nhs arent very useful. they dont like doing therapy unless youve tried the meds and counselling has a huge waiting list, its stupid, you would have thought theyd want to encourage people getting better without the need for meds! thats why im looking into horse therapy lol, if i can afford it, i would love to give it a go, i love horses so it would be fun, i hope lol

i have found my pets (3 cats and a dog) all make my anxiety worse sometimes. loud noises ie them running aroun d banging into things sets me off if im having a bad day. plus my dog howls in his sleep late at night which always makes me jump!!

Im feeling ok today i think, im expecting to be iffy for a few days until my monthly starts but i like the fact that i can prepare myself now i know when its due to starts bothering me. its when it attacks with no warning or reason that i hate most.

Im sure you will be fine Ladyem, and i hope you have fun at your mums, i dont see any of my family anymore so i just have my kids and my hubby lol

How are you doing today becky?

BeckyBendyLegs Sat 28-Aug-10 10:03:11

I'm not too bad, thanks! I slept really well last night but after hardly sleeping at all the night before (and I have no idea why) it is no wonder. I'm a bit fuzzy in the head though. The general feeling of anxiety is there - always there - so used to it now!

My mum is actually a retired hypnotherapist and she did give me a few sessions when I was at my worst in Jan / Feb (DS3 was born in November). I've just emailed her and asked if she'd give me another session. I feel I need it. I find it really helpeful. I also use Paul McKenna on my ipod to help me sleep sometimes. Dingdongmrs I know what you mean about being in control. You do have to 'let go' to allow hypnotherapy to work. It is amazing stuff though. It can work wonders. It doesn't work for everyone though.

thedudesmummy Sat 28-Aug-10 18:17:26

I have been suffering from postnatal anxiety (my DS is now 15 months and I still have it) and have been prescribed Mirtazepine, which is helping to a degree, albeit with side effects. I am also going for mindfulness-based cognitve therapy (individually and am due to start a group in this soon) I will let you know how it goes.

thedudesmummy Sat 28-Aug-10 18:18:27

PS like dingdong my anxiety is also focused around health anxiety, wuth fears that I am (or DS is) suffring from a dread disease

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