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gotanewnamesorry Sat 27-Aug-05 16:13:54

Changed my name, sorry but Dh comes on and looks sometimes (usually fine by me).

Have been looking into the panic attacks I have been experiencing on an increasing basis, and it has been suggested on a website that I have agoraphobia. I thought agoraphobics stayed at home all the time, but apparently the fact that I can go out with DH doesn't mean much. The fact I feel scared going out alone / with kids means a more IYKWIM.

Went out today with kids for first time in three days for an hour, felt very low indeed.

I have been through enough stress in the last year to cause this, no problem, but I don't know where to go from here? Don't particularly want to discuss with DH, as he has enough mental health issues of his own to contend with, and this week he is quite OK.

Does anyone know anything, or have any experience of this level of agoraphobia? As opposed to the totally locked in level?

foxinsocks Sat 27-Aug-05 16:54:29

It's quite common to experience it like this - only a very few people manage to get to the stage where they are literally locked in.

There are loads of books about agoraphobia if you want to read up about it (look in amazon or in your local bookshop). There are many different ways of approaching agoraphobia and I'll give you a quick summary -

1. Are you depressed? If so, some people find that treating the underlying depression starts to alleviate the panic and the agoraphobia can start to lessen.
2. Relaxation therapy - the whole panic then flee scenario is a result of a stressed mind.
3. CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) - apparently this is very successful with agoraphobics especially as agoraphobia really knocks your self esteem and self confidence and CBT is quite good at trying to build these back up
4. There's a theory that says exposing yourself to your fears regularly will eventually lessen them as your brain learns that there's nothing to fear (after all, it is an irrational fear although one that feels particularly real to anyone experiencing it).

But first of all, if you are feeling bad, I would go to the GP. Maybe you don't have agoraphobia and are just very stressed at the moment - it might be worth getting it confirmed before you start worrying about it.

expatkat Sat 27-Aug-05 16:57:59

I've had it--at a similar level to yours--and it passed after a while. I just got out there & made myself do things. Also I had a few sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy which can help (see yr GP for a referral) & antidepressants can help too.

Nemo1977 Sat 27-Aug-05 16:59:18

Hi I am the same I will go out with DH or someone I trust. I feel 'ok' to go out in the car say to a friends and home but without stopping iykwim. I hate to go to supermarkets or the local shops so would usually have food delivered online. I am not any good at taking ds out alone as I panic but sometimes force myself. I do see a clinical psychologist and a cpn weekly and have been for over a year.
I would go and see your gp and see what they say as it does sound like you need to be referred on.

shalaa Sat 03-Sep-05 21:38:10

Hi, I suffered from agoraphobia in my late teens and still have the occasional panic attacks. You can get better but it's hard work, I went from being scared of leaving my room to travelling abroad. You need to speak to your doctor, I personally needed AD's and am still on them. What helped most is breathing, don't over breathe as this can make you panic. Tell yourself that you will be back home soon and that time passes. Don't be hard on yourself, when your out with ds can you try and distract yourself with him? Like counting cars or something? Sorry to ramble but I know how scary and isolating this can be.

bubblerock Sat 03-Sep-05 22:24:35

I have this problem and have just recently started to get a lot better (at the moment I feel I could do anything!) having taken AD's since last November! I was referred for CBT but am still waiting. I find I am worse if it is something that is planned in advance, even booking an appointment to see the GP was difficult as I would bottle it due to panic at the last minute!!

Try to get to the doctor, ask DH to come with you - he can stay in the waiting room, write stuff down before you go in incase you forget things.

I don't think I am cured, more like 'in remmission' - I think it could come back anytime and I really don't understand the illness, it's so irrational, which makes it hard to explain it to others!

Sharigirl1 Thu 27-Oct-16 14:30:31

I have agoraphobia and am finding it very hard at the moment, can not have ad's as I am allergic to them. It is hard to do things and I just take each day as it comes, have had cbh for a while and it has helped so far,mope this helps.

Mumsmet Fri 10-Nov-17 06:18:37

How are you all now?

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