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This is going to sound ridiculous but it's really getting me down...

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steffee Sat 20-Aug-05 12:07:54

I think I have a fear of talking on the phone. I know that sounds crazy, but I get so worked up when I know I have to make or recieve a phone call. I lie awake at night worrying about it if I know I have to phone someone - especially if it's someone I don't know like the bank or even BT or anything.

I'm the only person I know without a mobile phone, and when I have had one I don't answer it when it rings. I never answer the landline either, my dh gets so worked up with me about it, he thinks I'm just lazy. I get sick of him making me talk on the phone, so I often unplug it.

It's getting worse too. I lose friends because I never return their calls - though I'm fine with texting, emailing and talking to people face to face. My parents don't hear from me for weeks and think it's because I'm too busy to talk to them, and I'm going on holiday with my Gran next week and haven't spoke to her for over a month, so I feel so guilty about that.

I'm getting really stressed because I know I have to make a few phonecalls today and this week, and I'm getting so anxious about it!

Is there anything I can do? (I know this sounds like a wind-up, but I swear it's true!)

spacecadet Sat 20-Aug-05 12:18:23

no there is a known phobia of telephones, it usually stems from a form of anxiety, ideally a course of cbt or behaviour therapy should help you overcome it, start by visiting your gp and explain your phobia, your gp wont laugh at you i promise, or visit no more panic ,its a helpful website which explains phobias etc and how you can overcome them, good luck.

Eaney Sat 20-Aug-05 12:21:00

My sister had this. She was ok making calls but couldn't bear to receive them. She is a lot better now.

steffee Sat 20-Aug-05 12:24:54

Awww thank you!!

And thanks for the link, I am reading it now.

I'm glad your sister is better now Eaney!

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