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OMAD and no exercise

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Candyfloss99 Thu 14-Jan-21 10:49:52

I do OMAD and some longer fasts. I think the key is clean fasting, so only drinking water, black tea or black coffee while fasting. No milk in drinks and nothing sweet, even if it is zero calories, as this can set off an insulin response. Good luck.

WeKnowFrogsGoShaLaLaLaLa Sun 10-Jan-21 15:14:51

I know it wasn't what you asked but I had to have both my leg and ankle rebuilt in 2019 and for my rehab I cycled using a static bike. Started off only about to do 2km at a time but built up over time. No impact at all.

I then moved on to Team Body Project workouts on YouTube- they genuinely are low impact and they even have some seated workouts for really bad days.

I lost three stone last year by fasting - some days were OMAD, others 18:6.

AuntieMarys Sat 09-Jan-21 15:58:59

I recommend Caroline Jordan's Hurt Foot workouts on YouTube. Chair cardio is great!

cyclingmad Sat 09-Jan-21 15:53:03

I do OMAD and that meal is keto so its balanced for me.

Also an emotional eater and its hard but its sheer willpower not to do it!

I know you cant exercise but you could still do some kettlebell work e.g. arms, setups stuff where you do not need to use your recovering leg too much.

I found if I'm not exercising I have to watch my carb and sugar intake hence keto and be strict, whereas when I can exercise I can be a little more free.

If you struggle with omad try listening to Dr Hyman podcasts, I got given his cook book, he is more about clean eating you will find the podcasts interesting

4Minions2CallMyOwn Sat 09-Jan-21 15:47:08

Just an update to say I weighed myself today and am 11st 3lbs. I was feeling a bit down yesterday as the children had cake and custard and I didn’t as wanted to stay on track. So seeing the 4lb weight loss is very encouraging and positive for me.

Does anyone know is there a OMAD thread where people share their journeys? I think that would be supportive for me and help with encouragement also smile

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4Minions2CallMyOwn Fri 08-Jan-21 13:00:25

No it doesn’t mess with my digestion at all. I think It’s probably because I never eat breakfast anyway and usually have lunch at 2/3pm. So waiting a few extra hours to eat isn’t bothering me. Not eating in the evening is harder though as DH and I were in the habit of ordering a take away at 9/10pm and thinking nothing of it. But I’ve gotten used to no longer doing that and feel so much better now. I just hope it can last!

@FilledSoda wow that’s great well done!!! I hope I can be where you are in a few months smile I drink loads of water atm. I find if I feel a little hungry drinking it helps. I’m also making sure to have either salad or mixed veg with each meal I eat. So to make sure I get the nutrients I need.

Soup and Omlette sound like a good idea, I just worry I’ll get hungry as that’s usually something I would have had for lunch. It’s hard not to eat carbs as we always have pasta, rice, bread or potato with our evening meal. So I’m just trying to have a smaller portion and some salad or veg with it instead. I’ve found mentally if I don’t feel I’ve eaten enough that’s when I get hungry and crave food...

Thanks again and good luck with the rest of your journey

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FilledSoda Thu 07-Jan-21 14:00:50

You're already making fantastic progress.
I eat like this as well.
Just make sure your one meal is nutritionally sound but I'm sure you know that anyway and drink plenty of water.
I don't exercise due to rheumatoid arthritis and I've lost 2 stone since September.
I'm low carbing and vegetarian, I eat huge salads with eggs, avocado , cheese or nuts. I also have soups and omelettes .
I'm quite restricted in what I eat and I'm not not suggesting you should be but I wanted to see quick results.

lazylinguist Thu 07-Jan-21 13:54:34

Do you not find it messes with your digestion? I found that even doing 16:8 caused me problems.

4Minions2CallMyOwn Thu 07-Jan-21 13:43:36

Can anyone help please?

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4Minions2CallMyOwn Wed 06-Jan-21 16:07:55

Hi. I’ve just started to do this and have gone from 12st 4oz on 23rd of December to 11st 7oz today. I’m 5’2 and had a baby a year ago. I only drink water and eat one meal at 6pm and then some days something sweet afterwards.

I can’t do any exercise as have just recovered from a broken ankle and leg. I can just about walk slowly around the park. Too much walking and my leg swells and I’m in pain.

I fell into this by accident as was sick and barely ate for a few days and then after that found it very easy to not eat all day as I’m not even hungry. This is great for me as my relationship is usually very negative with food, I am an emotional eater and graze constantly. I really want to keep this going if I can and maintain it.

I was just wondering if there are any tips that could help me to lose weight more efficiently? Or anything I should keep in mind as I’m so new to this? I’m aiming to get to 10st but know it will take longer without exercise. Thanks I’m advance smile

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