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Very slow weight loss on OMAD

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Seeingadistance Wed 09-Dec-20 21:45:31

I'm combining OMAD with Fast 800 -ish. Some days I might have up to 1,000 calories. I've also been doing a lot of walking - usual minimum of between 3 to 5 miles a day. Longer walks at weekend and when I was on holiday in November I was walking about 15 miles a day.

At the start of November I was 11st 6. I now weigh 11st and I've been this weight for over 2 weeks now.

On the plus side, my clothes are definitely looser on me, and I'm looking healthier. But, why such slow weight loss?

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maxelly Thu 10-Dec-20 16:13:51

So it's been 6 ish weeks and you've lost 6 pounds? I don't think that's a very slow loss at all, 1-2lbs a week is considered healthy/sustainable weight loss, any more is into crash diet territory, so while you are at the lower end of that I'd be happy - depending on your weight it sounds like you don't have a huge amount to lose to get into a healthy weight bracket and so it's always going to be slower going. Also as you have found (healthy) weight loss tends not to go in a liner fashion, you can stay the same or even gain a little for a few weeks before seeing a big drop, all the in the context of an overall steady downwards trajectory. It could be that you are experiencing a bit of water retention or constipation or something and you'll suddenly drop a few more pounds...

So I wouldn't despair - that being said if you are doing the Fast800 as opposed to eating your normal TDEE/TDEE less a %, this is classed as a Very Low Calorie Diet so it's important to be eating the right kinds of food - the Fast800 should be a low carb Mediterranean diet. Not saying you've been eating crap but if you are only eating 800-1000 cals of 'normal' food and increasing exercise at the same time, that might be causing you some metabolic type issues? The Fast800 is quite difficult to sustain in the long term (I think you are only meant to do for 6-8 weeks) so are you planning to move onto regular 5:2, 16:8 or something else - confusingly you might actually find that the weight loss rate stays the same or even increases if you are eating a little more most days?

Seeingadistance Thu 10-Dec-20 23:02:35

Thanks for your comment, Maxelly. You're right about weight loss not being linear and it's helpful for me to remember that, and that I have lost 6lbs which is very positive.

My diet is much healthier than before, when I was eating mostly microwaveable ready meals and take-aways along with mindlessly eating stuff like cocopops in the evening! Now, I'm planning ahead and cooking from scratch - following a mediterranean style diet. I am certainly feeling healthier and my digestion is greatly improved.

I'l probably move to 16:8 when I reach a weight I'm happy with.

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ListeningQuietly Mon 14-Dec-20 16:36:46

1lb a week is 4 stone in a year grin

QueenOfTheDoubleWide Mon 14-Dec-20 17:54:35

Someone far more knowledgeable than me posted some evidence on one of the bootcamp threads that OMAD may not be terribly efficient for weight loss and splitting the intake could increase it.
Might be worth a look or ask the question over there

praepondero Tue 15-Dec-20 09:41:05

Have been doing OMAD ( 20-4) since May and have gone from size 16 to 8/10. It has become a lifestyle and I feel so comfortable and energised with the regime.
Some days I do 18-6, some days 22-2. If I get really hungry during fasting hours, I'll have a couple of boiled eggs and a handful of nuts. Mixing up the fasting hours and eating more during some days surprises the system and keeps it guessing, hence the weight loss.
1lb a week is good going.

paediatrician321 Sun 17-Jan-21 18:04:23

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CimCardashian Wed 24-Feb-21 13:24:18

The really surprising thing about fasting is that you can lose many many inches even if the scales don’t move. It sounds like you’re experiencing this.
How about doing your measurements aswell or instead of the scales?

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