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OMAD - can I mix it up with 'days off'?

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GlomOfNit Thu 27-Aug-20 13:03:04

I've just started OMAD and would like to give it a go, primarily for weight loss (I'd like to lose between 1 and 1.5 stone) but also for health benefits of longer fasts. Right now I'm looking at fasting for around 21 hours and eating within a 3 hour window in the evening (because I like to taste and nibble whilst cooking, and will sometimes have a pudding but not immediately after my evening meal). I think I can do this but thinking long-term it's making me a bit miserable to think that I can no longer have my treat of a coffee-shop coffee (not that Covid19 makes this at all easy in any case, and I'm (mostly) avoiding drink-in options sad ) while shopping or with a friend, and since I'm eating in the evening, I'm not going to be having a coffee at all! Is this just a reluctant benefit of OMAD, since I'm fairly sure coffee isn't great for me anyway?

But other things I can't do either, like snacking lightly on fruit - it just seems pretty extreme. So I was wondering if I can mix it up and alternate or mix OMAD days with 'light normal' days? I did 5:2 IF for years (I found it gradually stopped working well in terms of weight loss), so this would be treating OMAD like a fast day. But with fast days, obviously I'm taking in under 500 calories, whereas with OMAD I'm not calorie counting and might have something very calorific... so in fact would that PUT ON weight?? It's the insulin break thing I'm interested in. Would that still have an effect if you weren't doing OMAD every day?

Does anyone else mix OMAD with at least a couple of normal days a week?

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Pineappleunder Fri 04-Sep-20 06:35:32

I have been doing this for a while and definitely have 'off' days.
Usually it is just extending my eating window for that day so I'll have the coffee, have a slightly earlier than normal dinner and do end up doing more 18:6 or 16:8 rather than 20:2. For me it definitely helps to still have a defined eating window do I don't end up grazing all day.

mimiasovitch Sat 19-Sep-20 09:35:47

I sometimes do Omad, and sometimes tmad, depending how I feel. I tend to allow myself a window of up to 5/6 hours, even if the only extra thing I have is tea with milk, instead of more food. From what I've read, mixing it up a bit is good for your body, as long as you're allowing the fasting period between to be fairly decent in length. I have been very diligent, since I started 70 fasts ago, at only having black tea, coffee or water in my fasting period, and whilst I prefer both with milk, I still enjoy going out for a coffee.

TheListeners Sun 20-Sep-20 07:58:00

Definitely mix it up it keeps your body guessing. If coffee while shopping with a friend is something occasional then do it. If it's daily then obviously you can't. You could also mix about when your main meal is. So if you meet a friend for lunch, have a nice lunch, but then miss dinner that evening and try and not eat until the following evening. Dr fung author of the obesity code is all about making fasting fit round your life, it shouldn't dictate your life.

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